Over EZ featured on Cityline during Makeover Madness

Cityline.ca, longest-running and most successful daytime show for women in Canada gives seal of approval to Over EZ

TORONTO, CA – 28 Feb, 2017 – Cityline, the longest-running and most successful daytime show geared toward women in Canadian history, recently featured Over EZ, a natural hangover remedy that has been taking the hardcore party circuit by storm, during its Makeover Madness segment. Cityline’s Jessica Mulroney recommended Over EZ on her list of products and services during this month’s Makeover Madness, giving a nod to the product’s task of helping prevent a hangover after a night of intense alcohol consumption.

“Designed to be taken with alcoholic beverages to help prevent a next-day hangover, Over EZ was easy to recommend based on its completely natural ingredients to avoid side effects while enabling users to feel revitalized in the morning,” explains Mulroney. “Though most of the products on our Makeover Madness lists are comprised of sexy skirts and dresses, the most glamorous of heels and other female staples, members of our audience tend to wear these ensembles during their nights out on the town – it only seems right to support a counteracting alternative to the dreaded ‘morning after.’”

Both Mulroney and Over EZ representatives stress the dire consequences that can be experienced when spending an evening consuming alcoholic beverages in social situations, regardless of age, and agree upon the “nauseous morning” that normally follows such a foray into the after-dark culture.

Over EZ hangover supplement helps to neutralize the Acetaldehyde, a toxic chemical that builds up in the liver through the night after copious amounts of alcohol have been consumed – as it accumulates – which prevents the toxin from yielding the hangover effect in the morning. Using a time-release formula dubbed Two Pellets Phase Technology, the hangover supplement works by way of two phases; Phase 1 uses the white pellets in the Over EZ capsule, which include Magnesium to bypass the headache stage, Zinc for antioxidant properties and L-Cysteine which prevents the liver from becoming damaged. The pellets also help to instantly release the Zinc and Magnesium into the body, along with L-Cysteine – an amino acid – which prevents the liver from being damaged in the first place.

In Phase 2, the body receives the necessary ingredients that slowly release over the time spent drinking, and which include Chicory Root, a tonic for the liver; Milk Thistle Extract, to prevent damage to the liver; Amla Extract, which helps prevent toxic buildup of chemicals; Chinese Date Extract, to prevent toxins from accumulating in the liver; Grape Extract, which serves as an antioxidant; Beet Juice, to eliminate toxins from the liver and protect it from being damaged in the process and B-Complex vitamins, which possess many helpful attributes.

Through the use of these properties, say Over EZ representatives, the formula is pushed through the body over the course of a few hours to flush out toxins.

“Over EZ solves the issue that many party-going types face,” concludes Mulroney. “These folks shouldn’t have to forego a great night out just for fear that they will experience a fever and upset stomach in the morning. This helpful supplement will allow them to enjoy the rest of their evening and enable them to rest when they eventually get home without the discomfort that comes when the morning alarm goes off.”

Over EZ representatives note that the product will not prevent people from becoming drunk or intoxicated, as it is only designed to help alleviate the issues that accompany a hangover, and that the only way to prevent intoxication is to avoid drinking completely. However, Over EZ can be taken while drinking alcohol if users are already in the midst of their partying in order to combat what normally follows such social rituals.

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