DiLuigi Foods Offers Various High Quality Food Products to Satisfy All Taste Buds

DENVERS, MASSACHUSETTS – 28 Feb, 2017 – Whether you operate a large chain grocer or small market, providing your customers with high-quality meats is vital to your success. DiLuigi foods is a family-owned business that strives to serve the Northeast with the best quality, the freshest meats, and the best cuts available.

Although DiLuigi can serve as your stores butcher, providing you with all the most popular cuts of chicken, beef, pork, and more, it’s also possible to order entire entrees and prepared meats that your customers will love. For example, you can order tenderloins and steaks, or you can choose from a variety of sausage styles that are sure to please. If you want to provide sausage, there are several options made fresh from some of the highest-quality ingredients available in the country. These include hot Italian sausage, sweet Italian sausage, and even Chinese sausage for those customers who prefer an Asian flair.

If it’s chicken your customers want, you can choose from all-natural chicken patties, precooked chicken sausage, or even ground chicken that will suit their needs and your budget. DiLuigi also provides several burger types, including cheddar bacon beef burgers, blue cheese beef burgers, and more. You’ll find traditional bratwurst, beer bratwurst, chicken meatballs, and all your customers’ game day favorites, too.

DiLuigi prides itself on offering all of the most popular types of meat products, including some that are pre-seasoned and ready for the skillet or grill. They take safety very seriously and go above and beyond to ensure that every product you receive has been handled, cut, and washed carefully for quality. In fact, the company employs only the most skilled butchers and culinary experts to create the best cuts of meat and unique recipes from the most renowned farmers in the country. Your customers can reap the benefits of DiLuigi’s attention to detail with every single meal they prepare for their families.

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