CobbySoft Media Launches Store Locator App to Improve Sales and Bring in Ideal Customers

Richmond BC, Canada – Entrepreneurs always wonder what really separates a money churning retail or local venture from the rest. The Store Locator App, recently launched by CobbySoft Media Inc, has the answer built right inside. The app allows a quick look at a store’s closest location and directs valuable customers so that stores do not lose out on sales again.

A store locating app may look like a little feature that is tugged on a shopify website or mobile interface. In reality, it does a greater service. Some of the best selling brands today use Store Locator on their e-commerce sites, and the results are proven. Not only does it lead to more sales, Store Locator also ensures that valuable customers continue to pour in.

The Store Locator is a 100 percent mobile ready app, and is designed to fit on any screen size and look good. The app features plenty of layout options, including customized layouts. The Store Locator can be set up in minutes and comes with complete technical support. Not to disappoint any store website designer, the app features multiple color schemes. There are three packages meant exclusively for start-ups, businesses and enterprise users. The app features up to 200-500 locations based on the selected package, unlimited search, Store Locator App Branding, custom map themes, bulk upload/edit and concierge.

“It’s no longer a secret. The Store Locator App puts more ideal customers through your door and more money in your pocket,” says Peter.

CobbySoft Media Inc, a family owned company, has been founded by Peter Yun, who is a software architect professional with 15+ years of experience designing reliable software used by Fortune and Global 500 companies. The company specializes in making software intended to minimize the amount of work website builders, designers and amateurs have to do to get things right. The company has built up a loyal user base of hundreds of thousands of users.

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