CarTots Launches New Range of Remote Control Ride-On Cars For Toddlers.

Car Tots is the premier official store of many fully licensed Remote Control Ride On Cars, Trucks and SUVs for kids ages 4 and under. The latest addition, which Car Tots has just recently added to their stock, is the new AMG Mercedes S63 Ride On Coupe With Remote Control and Rubber Tires for Toddlers, which offers a luxurious look and experience with its top of the line features and sleek design.

The Car Tots spokesperson said: “Car Tots is proud to bring you the most innovative and quality ride on vehicles for toddlers and beyond. We specialize in Remote Control Ride On Cars, Trucks and SUVs for kids ages 4 and under. These toddler ride on cars come with a wireless, fully functional remote control and steering motor on the vehicle, we are excited to add a few new and exciting models to our extensive list of ride-on remote control cars for toddlers.”

The new remote control car for todlers has all the high quality standards that are expected from a premier online ride on car dealer such as CarTots. The AMG Mercedes S63 is powerd by a 12 Volt battery system and its rubber/foam tires and spring suspension in front and back offer a quite and comfortable ride. The dashboard features a lighted instrument panel and there are bright front and rear lights including back-up lights that light up when the car is driving in reverse. There are 3 variable speeds forward and one reverse which are controlled via the parent remote. A stop function which is designed specifically for the todler’s safety is designed to stop the car when it is in range of the remote control regardless of whether it is in remote control mode or not. The fully functional remote can steer and drive in all directions up to a range of about 80 feet.

The spokesperson further added: “These vehicles work like magic and you and your family will definitely get a kick out these unique rc cars for kids. You will benefit from a more valuable experience shopping for toddler and baby ride on cars and trucks here at Car Tots. We also have versions of ride on cars that are fully controlled by the kids and typically are a little larger for the bigger kids in our four to seven year old section.”

The new model comes with a 12 months warranty and has been offically licensed by Mercedes-Benz.

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