FlowLeads App Review: A Powerful Software Enables Users To Create A Viral Lead Machine For Their Marketing Funnels

Precious Ngwu and his team have recently released an exclusive software called FlowLeads. This product allows marketers to connect to their autoresponder to build powerful and viral leads funnels that will grow their mailing list daily for free on autopilot.

FlowLeads is a cloud-based marketing software based on a “unique and secret” viral list building method that Precious Ngwu discovered in December 2015. The secret method is referred to as “Mean Cat Method”. It is unique because unlike other viral marketing system, it does not care about getting viral shares or viral leads. However, it focuses on getting just viral leads for marketers. FlowLead is the first software to automate this process.

FlowLeads enables users to create a viral lead machine for their marketing funnels instantly. The product is pre-designed to work for any type of funnels on the go. Therefore, marketers could use it for their social media campaigns, webinars, for product prelaunch, sell a product, direct list building, etc.

Users will also have the ability to setup their lead capture page, lead viral page and giveaway page in just a few minutes. They only need to enter custom names and click the “Continue” button; the software will do the rest.

Inside FlowLeads App, there are over 100 high converting and powerful lead generating templates to choose from across multiple niches and for multiple purposes. Bill Burniece, a satisfied user of this product, stated: “What really stands out for me with FlowLeads is the beautiful templates that convert traffic really and the sleek drag n’ drop “sectional” based editor technology they’re using… most other tools have boring landing page and even when they go viral… you won’t get any leads, that’s where FlowLeads really smashes the competition. I wish I would have had this valuable tool when I first started building my email list. It would have saved me months of time and effort and thousands of dollars in income. Leads = Profits and this app will literally pay for itself quickly with the free leads you’ll be getting.”

The product also includes Drag n’ Drop Live Editor feature that allows marketers to instantly create stunning landing pages without any requirement of coding skills or expertise. This feature has a robust styling engine which can help users create unlimited designs in minutes.

In addition, marketers now can have an opportunity to track the performance of their viral lead campaigns and see exactly which campaign is performing well, which ones they need to scale up and which ones they need to tweak.

When going viral, it is essential that users do not use a mass domain, this is a secret that many marketers and software developers do not even know. And now FlowLeads will give its users the access to run everything on their own custom domain while host it for them.

Marketers only need to connect their email autoresponder account, set up their lead funnel and launch it. After that, they will have the leads came in on autopilot. According to the producer, this is the type of software that will bring guaranteed viral leads on a daily basis once it is launched.

The bonuses being offered with FlowLeads are simply astounding and make using the WP website a whole lot easier. Some of the bonuses are as follows:

Mail X App: This is a self-hosted autoresponder system that will power user’s email marketing effortlessly.

Buyer Traffic Funnels: This training course will show users how to take their new leads from FlowLeads app and convert them into paying customers.

Viral Click PRO: There is one major factor marketers need to have a successful online business and that is traffic. This powerful automation software with just a few clicks will deliver viral and highly targeted traffic to their website and offers daily.

Millionaire Digital Nomad: This high ticket program will help marketers build a successful online business that will generate higher revenue.

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