Third Axis Investments is changing the way Real Estate Investing Works

“CEO Dr. Wade Rustici has taken initiative to teach investors how to raise their capital, and show them how they can buy and resell houses as well as develop commercial projects and make a profit at it. Moreover, he teaches investment strategies and how to”
Third Axis Investments LLC, based in Kansas City, is a real estate investing firm that helps investors worldwide in buying and selling properties.
Kansas City, Missouri, United States – According to Dr. Wade Rustici: “Third Axis Investments LLC offers investors the knowledge and power they need to become a powerhouse.  We are offering you a chance to standout with the help of a planned investment and funding plans. We teach you how to make it to the front of the line ahead of the competition without any extra effort. We specialize in serving real estate agents, realtors, appraisers, small business owners, and investors from various businesses. If you wish to be able to stand out in the market, then Third Axis Investments LLC is for you.”
What sets Third Axis Investments LLC apart from its competitors is that it uses its 60 years of combined experience with a powerful network that allows an individual to be an expert in this field by utilizing our skills. This is perfect for any normal person with or without experience to catapult to the top using our infrastructure.
“Third Axis Investments LLC believes we can help you as a company stand out of the crowd as it helps you differentiate yourself, and presents you as an expert professional,” commented Dr. Wade Rustici.
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About Third Axis Investments LLC
Founded by Dr. Wade Rustici, Third Axis Investments LLC is a place where real estate investors and professionals can reach their goals. “After being in the real estate business for over 18 years I noticed there was a need for a professional real estate investing firm that caters to the normal person.”

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