Best Kept Dental Care Secret that Has Brits Smiling Wider than Ever

London – It’s no secret that the British have long endured mockery from the rest of the world for the state of their teeth, but with further advancements in oral care industry, it may be the Brits who will have the last laugh.

While British teeth may have been something of a stereotype for many years, it seems that more than a few people decided enough was enough. Between 2000-2010, according to the Office of Fair Trading, the UK dental industry swelled by 46%, with industry expenditures doubling from £1.2 billion to £2.4 billion in that period. The number of people seeking oral care and oral cosmetics grew exponentially, indicating a society-wide push not only for improved oral hygiene but also dental appearance.

Whitening and implant services to correct teeth discolouration and problems are one of the most popular and affordable methods that covers both dental care and appearance. Teeth discolouration occurs for various reasons, including fluoridated water, smoking, irregular dental care, and the natural aging process. Whether it is caused by environment, habit or nature, teeth discolouration is often considered unattractive. To get the brilliantly white, celebrity smile, many people look to teeth whitening services, either with at-home kits or by seeking whitening services from dentists. Other problems are mostly caused by more common things like genetics and other natural causes.

An article from the National Health Service strongly recommends obtaining oral services from a dentist, who must be registered with the General Dental Council in order to provide proper dental services. However, the cost of dental work, dental phobia, and the fact that the treatment may require several trips to the dentist are all factors that lead to people seeking at-home kits to repair the issues of their teeth.

As if people needed a reason not to visit the dentist, improvements to the efficacity and variety of at-home kits have made them increasingly popular. From toothpaste to strips to whitening trays, there are numerous at-home kits that allow people to achieve brilliant smiles from the comfort of their own homes. People looking to avoid the dentist now can find exceptionally useful guides like the one from, a site that provides advice on oral health and partners with multiple dental practitioners in the UK.

While the upward trends in spending on oral care indicate a widespread concern with improving oral beauty, the increasing popularity of teeth whitening kits, which brighten teeth while saving consumers money, suggests that in the end, it may be the British who have the last laugh, and a brilliant, toothy laugh that will be.

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