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28 Feb, 2017 – It is true that many people wish to move to Madeira Island and their numbers are rising in the recent years. There are several reasons behind this huge decision, such as the low cost of living, excellent weather, availability of jobs for people with specific training, decent average salary, financial credibility that attracts investor’s attention, friendly people, better real estate opportunities and peaceful surrounding. However, many people have many concerns and doubts about settling down at Madeira or have plans to move here in the future. This is why they need to refer the website of MADEIRA.NETWORK, as it has loads of useful information about Madeira Island.

Madeira is a tropical island that is rightly called as the “Pearl of the Atlantic”. This beautiful island lies along the North Atlantic Ocean, 370 miles away from the Moroccan Coast and 560 miles from Portugal. This mountainous island is a popular choice of tourists and travelers, as it has an array of rare attractions like shores filled with rocky cliffs, exotic fruits, flowers, rich culture and has a long coastline with the sprawling area of 99 miles. The Madeira island is known for its unique features such as Monte sledge, which is a toboggan made with wicker assisted by Carrelros or sledge drivers to travel down the roads with curves in a fun filled way. This region is popular for its rich culture and drinks like Madeira wine and Poncha.

Such features explain why people are eager to move towards this island, as it would help them earn well through a business, settle down with a job opportunity or buy a home within their affordable range to lead a peaceful life. Being a member of OECD and European Union’s member state, Madeira is a thriving business destination, as it is not located in a tax haven or has a place in the blacklists at the international level. As of 8th Oct 2012, the third states’ national citizens are required to send their applications for Golden Visa, which is actually the Portugal’s residence permit that is offered for the purpose of investment.

Madeira Island is a popular choice of the elderly people who wish to spend their retirement life in a stress free fashion, which has earned it the fame of being the ultimate destination for retirement. As the region has beautiful natural surroundings and sunny weather with very mild temperature, retirees from Africa and Europe pour in here to spend their retirement life peacefully. To know more about the Madeira Island, click on the link given at MADEIRA.NETWORK is an online network, developed especially for the expats and helps the expats to be to connect with them to get more details about the life in the island. Those who have plans of shifting their base to this island would find this website as a lifesaver.


The site of MADEIRA.NETWORK is dedicated towards offering useful information about several aspects of Madeira, such as finding jobs, establishing business, investing in real estate, retired life, education, healthcare facilities, cost of living, weather and so on, to smooth down the process of settling in Madeira. 

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