Online Solo Games is the New Destination for Online Solitaire Games

The multi-billion dollar online gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds with the emergence of faster internet speeds, new technologies, social media and newly emerging games. Online Solo Games is the latest to join the trend with a vast array of card and puzzle games that can be played comfortably online with no downloads required.

Web games have been around since the rise of the internet. There is no denying the charm of playing solo games on the desktop, but the choices are always limited, and Solitaire gets boring after some time. Online Solo Games makes the web experience elegant and simple, with a large choice in games that can be played. The good thing is, there are no downloads required, and no need to set up an account or profile. The website uses HTML 5, WebGL and Java script to bring every game live.

The choice of games on Online Solo Games will spoil the players. Apart from the popular Rummy, there is Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, Forty Thieves, Scorpion, Monte Carlo, Blockade and Crazy Eights. The web design is free of distractions, and provides rules for each game. The games which need an opponent can be played with a bot.

Use of social media is an emerging trend in the gaming industry, and Online Solo Games has also utilized its Facebook presence to attract users. The website is the creation of gaming enthusiasts who are aiming at building the next generation of web games.

“Online Solo Games is where anyone can drop in without the need to sign in or create accounts, and play online solitaire card games, puzzles, and other entertaining card games free of cost and without any distraction,” said Neeraj Gupta.

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