Roxy Robinson is inspiring women who wish to become an entrepreneur

Roxy Robinson, a female entrepreneur from South Africa is setting a benchmark for all women who wish to become an entrepreneur. She is a woman of many talents and started her business journey in 2004 with a promotional modeling agency and gradually spread her wings to multiple new businesses. She laughs when reminiscing on the fact that she is the girl reading the Business magazine over the Cosmo at the airport. She is the owner of a successful event company known as Pick A Flava Events ( and concierge company that provides services to niche clientele across the world. Her ventures have partnership relations in more than 124 countries making her a global business icon. She is the epitome of a self-made powerful woman and reached to this point through consistent hard work and dedication towards her dreams, which inspires many other women seeking establishment in the business world.

Born in 1986, in South Africa, she started her first company at the young age of 17 years and now owns multiple businesses before the age of 30 years. She believes that one of the major factors in building a successful business is networking which is why she has traveled the world building relationships while influencing lives of many. Her big break in the events industry came when she got involved in the Football World Cup, in South Africa which boosted her network and kickstarted her career further. As a business expert with a cause, she went on to invest the money earned from the world cup into a country specific online platform, which will provide vast opportunities and access to the youth and allow them to live a fulfilled life. She has traveled the world, doing partnerships for developing this platform which is all set to be launched in 2017. Her vision for this startup is to launch the “uber” for connecting the youth to opportunity’s on a global spectrum and to live up to AMORE VITAE’S motto which is to love the life you live and truly live it.

At present, she solely owns 5 companies and comes in the league of most powerful business women in the world. She is well known for her professionalism, passion for her work and vibrant personality. “While we can’t ignore the profit aspect of any business, it should also work with an aim to spread love and genuine support to people,” says Robinson in her statement. Apart from business, she is a part of several charities.

From representing her country in Sweden in Gymnastics at the age of 11 years to becoming a successful entrepreneur, she has come a long way and believes she still has a lot more to do and achieve, “We should never stop learning and striving for excellence,” as she says.

Roxy Robinson can be reached through various platforms, 27 794 798882,, Instagram @roxstarconcierge or linked-in 

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