The Lake of Love: Inspiring Journey Through 28 Short Stories by Eilat Haimovich

“The Lake of Love: Inspiring Journey Through 28 Short Stories by Eilat Haimovich”
This gripping tale is a magical book which takes us on a surprising, emotional and inspiring journey. Over the course of twenty-eight short stories, Eilat describes her out-of-body experiences through astral projection, during which she encounters guides from the spiritual plane who lead her through transcendent experiences over many years, giving her a unique point of view on the meaning of life and its challenges.

For optimum health, a person should take action to balance his/her life in a responsible manner. Too often people respond to life situations with reactions rather than responsible action.

Having a balanced life means being involved in at least six areas or “fields”; “work”, “relationship with your spouse”, “parenting”, “home making”, “sports”, “friends”, “hobbies” and “nutrition”. Not being active in numerous life fields might lead to discontent. In order to achieve physical health, all aspects of our internal environment as well as our relationship to the wider external environment should be addressed in therapy.

To balance our life is to decide that our energy will not be channeled to one life field only. Being active in 5-6 life fields will lead to optimum health and wellbeing.
“Life Alignment” is a system of energy medicine, developed from a combination of ancient healing wisdom and modern science. This technique uses tools such as muscle tone examinations and a pendulum to locate energetic blockages and emotional stress. These techniques unblock the energetic blockage by raising the vibration frequency, preserving the current energy flow and releasing emotional tension to balance the body and return it to a state of health.

Eilat Haimovich is a former High Tech expert who practiced the “Life Alignment” technique while struggling with a personal challenge concerning her child’s health. The success of this healing method in her personal life led her to make a significant shift in her life, and become a healer and teacher of “Life Alignment”.

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