The City of Vista, CA, Wages War on Medical Marijuana Collectives

The City of Vista, CA continues to wage a costly and obstinate war on medical marijuana collectives. In its attempt to criminalize all medical marijuana, the city has markedly increased its enforcement against medical marijuana dispensaries. Using local zoning rules to ban all dispensaries, Vista is using criminal search and seizure warrants to break into dispensaries and take all cash and product on site. This is a blatant attempt to use criminal search & seizure warrants to harass and shut down the collectives. The City continues to utilize the Sheriff’s Department to arrest dispensary employees, knowing no charges would ever be filed by the District Attorney.


Knowing that local Vista residents are strongly in favor of medical marijuana access, the City of Vista has attempted to keep their push to close dispensaries hidden away from public view.  In an attempt to inform the public, a local coalition of Vista residents, medical marijuana patients, and collectives is seeking to inform the public about the secretive actions of the City Council and City Attorney. This campaign, “Stop Vista’s War on Medical Marijuana”, seeks to inform the public about the harmful and costly actions of the City.

Behind closed doors, the out-of-touch City Council are determined to oppose the will of Vista voters and continue Vista’s War on Medical Marijuana, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on their personal opposition to all medical marijuana.

The City of Vista has a City Attorney’s Office Investigator, and an Assistant City Attorney who solely prosecutes medical marijuana cases. Hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars are dedicated to this effort. Instead of regulating, licensing, and charging operating fees, collecting potentially millions of dollars annually, the City Council continually refuses to consider allowing dispensaries, preventing Vista residents from having access to medical marijuana.

Polling indicates over 75% of Vista voters believe marijuana has a medical benefit. Disturbingly, the City has been seizing protected patient medical records and individual purchase records, during their raids. This places confidential medical records at risk in clear violation of Federal HIPAA regulations.

Sheriff’s raids are also taking all cash and medical marijuana products from dispensaries, and even though no charges are ever filed, the product and cash is not given back to the operators. Property receipts fail to indicate the amounts of cash and product taken, leading to a lack of accountability.  This issue has been ongoing for years, but has been brought to the forefront because of the recent increase in raids. 

The campaign to Stop Vista’s War on Medical Marijuana will hold a press conference at 5:00 pm at the Vista Civic Center, 200 Civic Center Drive, Vista, CA 92084, prior to the March 14th City Council meeting. Interested parities are encouraged to attend the City Council meeting at 5:30pm to address the City Council.

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