The Protector: Finding Forever goes live on Amazon for free March 9 – 13

“The Protector: Finding Forever goes live on Amazon for free March 9 – 13”
Greg Sandora announces that the second book in the Angel Adventure Series, the Protector: Finding Forever, is now available on Amazon for free

The creator of the Gabby character and writer of Angel Adventure series, Greg Sandora recently announced that the book would be available on Amazon for free for five days, March 9 – 13. This move to allow more people to enjoy the sensation, romance, and scandal in the book.

The Protector: Finding Forever is the second part of the two book series. The Protector can be read stand alone or as a sequel to the first book, Gabby, Angel of God. The book explores the other side of Greg’s creativity with The Protector: Finding Forever being a transformation from Gabby, Angel of God’s romantic adventure to a story of Scandal and Romance.

The Protector: Finding Forever is a story of how the rescue angel, Gabby, enlists the aid of a human man to thwart a family involved in a corrupt and scandalous bargain to win the White House and become America’s first family. Gabby in The Protector: Finding Forever centers on the world’s wealthiest family, the ordeal of a candidate running for the US presidential seat, and how the protector, Gabby, works to save the United States from destruction amidst dark secrets and struggles.

The story of scandal and romance in the race to capture the US presidency can be read as a stand-alone novel without necessarily referring to the first part of the series. Gabby is a warrior who bends time and space to fight the evil and oppressive forces that haunt the globe.

About Greg Sandora

Greg Sandora is an author that came into limelight after he wrote the Presidential thriller, All In: Race for the White House. He subsequently wrote an action-packed sequel to the book, Love, Lust, and Loyalty: Seduction of Power, which was also met with large acceptance and positive reviews from readers across the globe.

Greg has gone on to write four books in total, which includes Gabby, Angel of God and The Protector: Finding Forever, all of which are available on Amazon.

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