Badass Marketers Start an Entrepreneur Revolution

Bizness Rebels Domi and Mike start an ‘EntREprevolution as website marketers

(Toronto, Ontario) – If large corporations see today’s new businesses as little monsters, they should., as an entrepreneur today is unlike any other businessperson. They are intrinsically badass entrepreneurs and rebels, according to the newest entrants in this field, Toronto-based Bizness Rebels. The start-up has succeeded in focusing in on the most vital requirement of any new businesses – creating a rich, revenue generating sales funnel through social media and website marketing.

Bizness Rebels, founded by Domi Hanc and Mike Koziol, has set out to start an ‘entREprevolution’ by providing the critical services any emerging business would need to see their dreams come true. Now realtors can quickly generate leads, coaches and educators can funnel new fans and new customers can be targeted for professionals in every other industry.

“Entrepreneurs have passion for the business they’re building but generating quality leads is typically where they struggle,” said Mike Koziol, Bizness Rebels President. “Bizness Rebels comes in to give them the freedom to focus on their product or service while we go out and find their customers,” he added.

With no suits and ties, Bizness Rebels offers marketing sales funnels, Facebook ads, website design, marketing and business strategy. They give entrepreneurs the freedom to work in their business while they work on it. They work together with their clients to learn who a qualified customer would be for that business and then create marketing strategies to generate leads.

Domi and Mike describe themselves as ‘corporate runaways’, working in the chained confines of large businesses for over ten years. After achieving great success with international clients building sales funnels, creating Facebook ad strategies, growing brands and conceiving marketing plans, they set out on their own to be a valuable asset to small businesses.

While striving for the freedom they want all business owners to have, they even created an easy-to-use and transportable pop-up desk designed exclusively for the free-spirited entrepreneur, who can now work from anywhere they want.

“We got tired of balancing our computers on or laps in coffee shops or being chained to the office working for our clients,” said Domi Hanc. “We created the Renegade Desk to give people freedom to work comfortably from anywhere they want (we choose beaches, parks or poolside),” she added.

Bizness Rebels wants everyone to be the rebels they are without having to worry about where their customers come from. Business owners are encouraged to book a free consultation at the Bizness Rebels website so they can soon sit back and watch the leads come in.

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