Device that charges mobile phones on the go launches on Indiegogo

MoveCharge Mod generates electrical energy from phone movement, which charges the phone without connecting to a power source

Mobile phones have become a tool for not just communication, but for running different activities in everyday life. The only set back is the batteries that don’t last longer than a few hours and takes hours to recharge. Technocrib Labs launches a new Indiegogo campaign product “MoveCharge Mod for Moto Z,” which is a mobile technology that allows users charge their phones on the go.

The technology produces power for recharging a phone from the phone’s movement by converting kinetic energy to electrical energy, which is stored in the Mod. The primary goals for creating this product is to conserve energy and promote physical movement.

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“People who are always on the go or visiting remote areas have little or no time or space to charge their phones. The MoveCharge is the perfect tool that converts your phone’s movement to electrical energy that charges the battery. MoveCharge will help contribute immensely to energy conservation, which is good for the environment and the planet,” said Rineesh K R, CEO, and founder of Technocrib Labs.

Mobile phone users take out their phones to check emails and do other thing 1000s of times. This movement is converted to electrical energy, which is then used to recharge the phone. With MoveCharge for Moto Z, users will not need to plug their phone into a power source anymore. MoveCharge can also be used as a separate device and only need to attach the Mod to the phone when the battery is low. It can also be used to charge other USB compatible devices like digital cameras, smartwatches, drones, and tablets, by connecting them via the USB cable.

“I am backing this project because I think it’s an interesting concept that will contribute to saving energy and the planet. Also, I like running a lot. My daily exercise routine will also help to charge my phone,” said Chris S, a backer.

MoveCharge is part of the “Transform the smartphone challenge” for Motorola, Lenovo, and Verizon, hosted on Indiegogo. The energy conservation aspect of the product will go a long way in helping to solve the issue of depleting energy sources and power crisis around the globe.

About Technocrib Labs

Technocrib Labs is an India-based company offering simple products that add value to humanity. The company has a team of highly creative and motivated engineers, and software developers committed to making MoveCharge a reality.

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