The Internship Guide is Opening International Career Doors to Interns for Free

Copenhagen, Denmark, March 10th, 2017 – The Internship Guide which was founded on the belief that students deserve quality internships, is offering one-of-kind opportunity to interns to apply for internship posts abroad at no-cost. This is in an effort to help students who have for years been asked to pay an application fee in order to get access to apply for internship positions at various companies/organizations.

“An internship abroad is an opportunity for students to develop their personality, skills, and to enhance their abilities to kick-start an international career. The Internship Guide help talented students around the world to find inspiration, where to begin their search for a quality internship abroad completely free of charge and no need to sign up account. We help cultural chameleons to accelerate their search for an internship abroad.” SaysJosefinJ. , the founder of The Internship Guide.

This is a unique opportunity to internship students which they can’t find anywhere else. Virtually all platforms demand students to pay a certain fee to be able to apply for internship positions, but The Internship Guide has succeeded in removing this challenge faced by many students by making their platform completely free.

What further sets The Internship Guide apart is that they are also set to bridge the gap between multi-national corporations and foreign interns. The Internship Guide is standing behind an important cause which is to push the dial and make multi-national corporations and companies who have the manpower to employ interns to consider such. They serve as the platform where students who seek employers who encourage diversity and equality at the workplace can have an opportunity of a career choice of their dream.

The Internship Guide is focused on helping employers and interns achieve a common goal in four categories: IT & Analytics, Digital Design, Marketing &PR, and Finance & Business Development.

About The Internship Guide

The Internship Guide is a global career site with the mission to helping cultural chameleons to accelerate their search for an internship abroad. It is the most user-friendly website which provides companies the opportunity to post quality internship for free so as to attract interns based on skills and not on nationality.


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