Helix House Organizes Special Workshop on Strategic Branding

Scottsdale-based marketing agency Helix House recently organized a special workshop for startups and local businesses. The purpose of the event was to discuss the need and scope for strategic branding in the digital landscape. Attended by many growing startups and selected press members, the workshop was a significant accomplishment for the company.

Founded in 2008, Helix House has redefined many standards of the digital advertising industry. The company holds the incredible competence to design custom brand management campaigns and has worked with some of the leading global brands. The top management is known for their extended support for smaller companies and startups, and to take the commitment forward, team members organized an event, where they discussed ways to improve branding strategies.

The workshop was initiated by advertising specialist Conner Farquharson, who discussed the overall trends and practices in marketing. Talking about budget planning, he added that smaller brands need to work on scalable campaigns, which can be measured for results. He stressed on using both paid and organic marketing strategies across platforms, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Lead copywriter Nathan Rea initiated an hour-long speech on how content marketing and SEO can help startups in gaining traffic and search engine exposure. He discussed simple ideas for content marketing and insisted brands to spend on copywriting to get audience attention. The Helix House team also talked about the ways in which fresh, unique and crisp writing can help businesses gain more from marketing campaigns.

Creative strategist Lindsay Hattenburg also had a Q&A session with the participants, where she answered many queries related to the evolving online marketplace. She discussed strategies and ideas to utilize the social media for promotions, which can reduce overall marketing costs.

Helix House members ended the workshop with a special announcement for participants. The publicist assured the participating brands of an assured discount on brand management plans for the month of March. To avail the offer, startups can contact the agency directly, following which the team will revert with a uniquely priced campaign.

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Helix House is a renowned online marketing firm, specializing in all kinds of digital promotional channels. Based out of Scottsdale, the company has won more than 20 awards for different projects. Besides branding, the company also deals in custom projects related to website development, email marketing, content marketing, local SEO, social media, conversion optimization and paid search.

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