New York Divorce Mediator Provides Alternative To Litigation Between Couples

Residents considering divorce have an alternative to litigation with New York divorce mediator and attorney Sabra Sasson of Sabra Law Group.

The Law Group provides three main types of legal services to couples and individuals ranging from divorce and family law, to mediation or litigation.

Divorce mediation allows for couples to end a marriage on their own terms in less time, and without spending time in a courtroom. Sabra Law Group provides three different approaches to dissolving a marriage, which can be broken down to all parties agreeing on all issues, some issues, and no agreement.

When both parties agree on all issues, Sabra Law Group works with each partner to draw up the appropriate paperwork to finalize the divorce.  When couples only agree on some issues and divisions, the Law Group devises strategies to avoid going to court. Couples who don’t agree on any terms, have the option of separate representation, an option the Law Group has experience accommodating. Once parties have come to an agreement on all issues, settlement papers are drawn up and submitted to a court on the couple’s behalf.

Other options provided include mediation and collaborative law, which Sabra Law Group facilitates. Couples wanting to get divorced in New York have that option only when both parties agree upon equitable distribution of assets and spousal support, if applicable.

If a couple has children under the age of 21, other factors need to be met including parenting and decision making for your child or children, parenting time, and child support. In the situation of collaborative law, Sabra Law Group provides mediation between spouses.

Family law encompasses child support, parenting decision-making, and parenting plan visitations. The third component of Sabra Law Group, mediation, provides a confidential, voluntary process for participants to discuss their needs and concerns with the assistance of a mediator who utilizes problem-solving techniques to reach an agreement on issues like asset division.

During a mediation session, a couple seeking divorce meets in a casual setting with a mediator to work through equitable distribution of assets, support, and parenting of children under the age of 21.

Sabra Sasson of Sabra Law Group pulls her mediation experience from her own divorce, a process that took six months to resolve. “Because of my divorce, I discovered my true calling, my talent and my expertise,” explained Sasson. “The best part is I had no idea that my prior work experience practicing law in the areas of tax, contracts, real estate, and estate planning was exactly what I needed to support the work that I do today.”

In 2015, Sabra Sasson was published in These Entrepreneurs NYC, which features a compilation of New York entrepreneur’s stories. Sabra Law Group’s focus is providing services for couples to lose their spouse, without losing all of their assets.

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