Rochester Auto Accident Attorney Removes Risk Through Mediation

Western New York residents facing legal battles have the option of working with principal auto accident attorney James E. Maslyn, of the Law Offices of James E. Maslyn, to resolve legal issues regarding personal injury, contract, and real estate.

The Law Offices of James E. Maslyn operates with over 36 years of experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants, as well as presiding over ADR. James Maslyn’s practice is geared toward litigation primarily in personal injury involving negligence, Labor Law 240(1) and 241(6), and contract actions. He also has many years of experience working in residential real estate transactions and contract disputes.

Personal Injury results when a person’s actions harm another individual. To combat against this harm, a person has the option to pursue fair compensation through mediation, instead of pursing a trial by peers. The mediation process provides more control of the outcome for involved individuals, instead risking an outcome with a jury. Personal injury mediation is cheaper and more efficient than pursing a trial. During personal injury mediation, both parties meet to discuss issues in order to come to an agreement between those involved.

Individuals involved in a contract dispute have the option of pursing contract mediation to resolve issues. The goal of creating a contract is to declare a formal agreement that governs a relationship where the parties involved are treated fairly. Pursing mediation of contract disputes allows for the injured party to express concerns and problems confidentially without the involvement of a judge or jury. James Maslyn provides third-party neutral mediation to keep everyone on the same track while navigating through the mediation process to find a solution.

Out of the three, real estate disputes tend to be the most stressful for involved parties. Taking a real estate dispute to court is stressful and expensive; mediation provides a quicker and easier alternative.  As a mediator in real estate disputes, James Maslyn’s involvement means each side of the story is weighed before a decision is worked out with everyone’s interests recognized.

Choosing to resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration provides more control over the outcome of a dispute. These choices for resolving legal issues can also save involved parties time and money, and often tend to be less frustrating than solving an issue through litigation.

For over 20 years, James Maslyn has been cultivating experience as a commercial arbitrator as part of the American Arbitration Association, as a mediator or arbitrator.

According to his website, James Maslyn is “exposed to both sides of contract and negligence issues,” this experience qualifies him to resolved others’ legal conundrums.

James Maslyn’s experience stems from multiple trials, arbitrations, and mediations. He was admitted to the Bar of New York State in 1979 and Federal in 1980.  His professional associations include the New York State Bar Association, American Arbitration Association (Commercial Arbitrator), and the Monroe County Bar Association.

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