Newly Established Mondo Recordings is Set to Reenergize the British Music Industry

The music industry in the UK remains robust, dynamic and promising with an increase in sales of £716.8m in 2012 to £730.4m in 2013.  British music has also proven highly profitable in foreign markets with almost 13 percent of global sales in 2013 attributed to British artists. Well managed record labels like the newly launched Mondo Recordings can leverage this growing demand into strong revenue streams by choosing musical groups which show enormous potential for audience growth. Mondo Recordings was founded by music industry veteran Andy Richmond who formerly headed Jive and Silvertone Imprints at Zomba Records.

Mondo Recordings has adopted a unique business model which only signs niche artists with considerable promise. Unlike the major international labels which typically target mainstream artists, Mondo Recordings hopes to capitalize on the appeal of independent artists and nurture rewarding relationships with established stars as well as those poised to achieve stardom. Mondo Recordings currently has three groups under contract: Stiff Little Fingers (; Miss 600 (; Sam Beeton (

Mondo Recordings utilizes an unusual contract strategy.  Instead of offering traditional advances, Mondo Recordings licences or distributes only completed recordings. In return, artists will receive a percentage of the net sales revenue. All potential signed artists are thoroughly researched to ensure a proven track record of strong sales. In all contracts there is the option for a future recording deal. Mondo Recordings has signed a deal with the American company Ingrooves to form a global physical and digital distribution partnership.

This robust business plan is expected to produce a gross margin of 27 percent of physical and digital sales. The ultimate goal of Mondo Recordings is to enter a Trade Sale within five years. Well established record labels with significant market share typically become acquired in the British music industry. In order to develop this market share, Mondo Recordings has initiated an investment opportunity to raise  £50,000. These funds will be used to sign six new artists in the next twelve months, marketing & promotion, and pay for some overhead. Investors who invest £5,000 or more will acquire A-shares which empower them with full voting rights.  To learn more about Mondo Recordings or this investment opportunity, please visit

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