Out With The Bulk And In With The Naked Wallet

A wallet shouldn’t be a burden to carry around, so Naked Wallet created the new, and cool, way to carry around your cash and cards.

No matter how much you clean your wallets, it always seems to bulk up. That’s where the Naked Wallet comes in. With their new, and patented, wallets that come in a range of colors, you’ll never want to buy a traditional wallet again. No matter your age, the Naked Wallet can suit to your needs.

The Naked Wallet not only makes everyday life easier, it also plays into travel, shopping, and sports. With the minimalistic design, it’s able to fit into most pockets and even clutches. It has made travelling easier, so that rather than carrying around a bulky and heavy travel wallet, you can easily place the slim and secure Naked Wallet into your front pocket or bag. Although it looks like a Money Clip Wallet, it’s anything but. The Naked Wallet takes the best of a traditional wallet and money clip, and merges them to make a remarkable, and sturdy, product.

It’s true what they say, less is more as the Naked Wallet shows. The Naked Wallet doesn’t have the layers upon layers of material bulking up your wallet. It doesn’t have numerous little compartments that are never used. And most of all, it doesn’t have the high price tag attached to it that most well-made products do.

While sport wallets have come a long way, they still have the same problems as a traditional wallet. They take up a fair amount of space when you try and cram everything into them. It bulks up, adds weight, looks strange and most of all, gets uncomfortable whilst playing sports. With the simplistic design of the Naked Wallet, all that can be forgotten. You can comfortably participate in sports whilst still having all your essentials at hand. Its lightweight, flexible, durable and takes up minimal space.

“After nearly a year of R&D, The Naked Wallet® was born. There was nothing like it on the market. I knew I had something unique,” says Rita Preston-Hall, Founder of The Naked Wallet. It took a few years for the vision of the founder to be a reality, but it was well worth the wait. Since the introduction of the Naked Wallet, customers are already enjoying the product and its functionality. No matter your gender, age, and preferences, you’re sure to find the Naked Wallet to your liking.

The Naked Wallet is a revolutionary cash and card holder that is designed to be more efficient than a traditional wallet. The simple, yet very effective, design of the product lets the customer carry their cash and cards neatly and stylishly. The choice in colors allows everyone to have something that will suit their style and needs. They are as visually appealing as they are functional and affordable for all.

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