Desecrated Jewish Cemetery Gets Donation of High-Tech Help From NJ Mapping Company to Assess Vandalism Damage

NJ / PA / NY – 11 Mar, 2017 – After hearing about the attack on the Jewish Mount Carmel cemetery in Philadelphia, Ronen Rybowski knew he had to do something to help. As President of Behar Mapping, based in East Rutherford, he had the experience and the technical know-how to quickly assess the damage of toppled gravestones… from 1300 feet in the air.

Mr. Rybowski contacted Mount Carmel management on Monday, and by Thursday his vendor, Philadelphia’s Keystone Aerial Surveys’ plane was taking 1-inch ground resolution imagery of the damage. By Friday afternoon, the mapping was complete and the assessment was delivered, gratis, to the cemetery. 

Through this process, Behar Mapping was able to truly quantify the damage. They found over 550 disturbed headstones. It had previously been reported that 75-100 headstones were vandalized.The files provided mapped the damage which support both recovery efforts and might also assist the police investigation. Additionally, Mr. Rybowski hopes this documentation of Anti-Semitic acts will to stand as an historical record.

Notes: Weather delayed the aerial mapping of Mt. Carmel before Thursday, and FAA regulations prevented Behar from using drone-overflight capacity to help map the cemetery damage. Using both planes and drones allows Behar Mapping to create high-resolution extremely accurate images and mapping of the topography, buildings and headstones located in the cemetery. This “1-inch ground resolution” imagery creates mapping of objects down to just larger than 1-inch.

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Family owned and operated, the Behar team encompasses three generations of mapping professionals, with over 50 years of experience. 

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Ronen Rybowski is a GIS Professional with vast experience in developing innovative mapping solutions. Jeremy Klapper a Professional Land Surveyor is licensed in multiple states and William Klapper is a Professional Planner and Professional Land Surveyor.

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Behar’s experts are passionate about using mapping technologies to overcome challenges throughout many industries. With advanced mapping technologies, the company is innovating the way cemeteries approach their operations to meet their goals.

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