Progressive Rock Bang Il Paradiso degli Orchi Will Soon Tour the U.S. and Canada with Music Based on the Writings of Their Fallen Friend Flavio Emer

As one of the foremost progressive-rock-psychedelic bands from Italy, Il Paradiso degli Orchi has a huge fan base that is quickly spreading to other countries. In order to satisfy their fans in Canada and the United States, the band will be touring both countries in May 2017, with stops in select cities including the Terra Incognita Festival in Quebec City from May 19 to 21. In addition to songs from the 2010 self-titled debut album, the band will also play tracks from their new album Il Corponauta, which is based on the novel by their dear friend Flavio Emer who passed away from complications from muscular dystrophy.

The U.S./Canada tour was planned in conjunction with Il Paradiso degli Orchi’s producer Fabio Zuffanti.  Among the stops will be the ETG Café in New York, the Orion Studio in Baltimore and the NJ Proghouse in New Jersey. The band will also play songs formerly produced by Zuffanti from his prior works Finisterre, La Maschera di Cera, Hostonaten, La Quarta Vittima.  At select shows, the band will be joined by keyboardist Luca Scherani and drummer Paolo Tixi.

To help make this tour as successful as possible, Il Paradiso degli Orchi has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  Funds raised will go towards travel, accommodations and equipment rental.  In return for your generous support, you may receive exclusive perks including “Thank You” on the band’s website, live logbook videos, digital albums, bonus songs, music videos, T-shirts, pins, vinyl bags, exclusive 30-minute digital video of the band improvising in studio, hand-drawn art from drummer DeGiacomi, signed PdO mask, homemade Italian food by band members, Special PdO Lamp crafted by guitarist Michele Sambrici, original “Il Corponauta” book in author’s hand, or a private live show. 

To learn more about Il Paradiso degli Orchi or to make a donation, please visit:

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