FeelSocial – a Cloud-based APP that is best to use for Sending and Scheduling Facebook Messages

FeelSocial is a premium FB Messenger Cloud App that automatically responds, constructs marketing funnels and follow up right inside the FB Messenger. It also automatically builds list and sends messages like email. This powerful Software gets your messages directly to customers and prospects Facebook inboxes.

FeelSocial Software is developed by Brand Stephens and it is considered as the premium cloud-based app that is used for the Facebook Messenger as this app automatically sends and schedules Facebook Messages. Also, FeelSocial app response, builds marketing channels inside the FB Messenger, and also follows up and puts up the list automatically, and it sends the messages directly to customers Facebook account.  Facebook has accepted this premium FeelsSocial software, and it has got all the required API permission to execute any action inside the software.

The FeelSocial App permits users to automatically respond the messages with “HeadLines,” CTA buttons, images, or/and Questions without any follow-up messages, and it does everything directly inside FB Messenger. Also, with FeelSocial users can broadcast (message) or auto-responder (schedule) messages to all their customers and whomever they are connected to their Facebook Page using its limitless automated follow-ups feature. It is unique and opens up an entirely new era of Facebook personal messaging for user’s customers and makes them use service and helps users make sales inside the Facebook inbox.

FeelSocial is the first FB Messenger App that has used maximum possibilities.  It is the main front-end software allowing users to connect limitless Facebook Pages that they can manage. It lets users send 10,000 messages every month, which is more than what they required. Users can also upgrade to Pro License without any limitation on the number of monthly messages. The auto-reply ‘bots’ will take care of user’s job effortlessly. Some people may not like machine responses, so, make sure to set up bots smart, so don’t raise difficult questions or for one question, don’t try to give more answers.

FeelSocial is a powerful cloud-based software that can convert user’s Facebook clients and prospects into long term buyers and leads. It works 24/7 in the background and increases their meetings even when they are not around.  It is the most useful App for product creators, marketers, affiliates, or anyone who wants their business grow and who likes to build the list and send messages to their leads right inside the Facebook Messenger directly. The software is built to be the most easy to use platform on the market. Even a complete newbie with no experience with Facebook marketing or software can set up their own profit-pulling automated Facebook messaging funnel in a few minutes.

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