Launch of News Aggregator ZPOCK Brings all Big Stories on a Single Page

Gothenburg, Sweden – News readers are a picky lot these days. Faced with a never ending cycle of breaking news from around the world, they find it mandatory to mark news aggregators on the favorites tab. The latest to join this list is ZPOCK, the Sweden-based website that hunts down breaking news from across the world.

Hopping from one news site to another, online readers hope never to miss the action around their favorite topics. ZPOCK is the latest news site that promises to do the heavy lifting, and put upfront the most interesting news articles with a permanent link that can be accessed anytime. The website wears a distraction free, minimal look, and included is the never to be missed comment section!

ZPOCK began with a simple mission to give online readers a single source of news that pulled in the big, juicy, relevant headlines from more news sources than one can surf in a limited time. With time being the sole limitation, there is more news on the internet today than anyone can reasonably digest. ZPOCK thus serves the internet community by saving on precious time and the effort of visiting multiple news sources.

“We are different in the way that we do not write our own content. Instead, we pick news on external sites that we think more people should read, and just link to them. We mostly use only links, but for some hand-picked articles, we do use images also to link out,” said Tony Lindhult.

Avid news readers can visit to get a feel of the website, and stay tuned to the big stories and follow up news from around the world.

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Company Name: Zpock news
Contact Person: Tony Lindhult
Phone: 0737154315
Country: Sweden