Creative Proteomics Allocated Millions to Develop Its Customized Synthesized Peptide/Proteins and Other Protein Services

With commitment to offering highly-pure and high-quality services and products to clients from all over the world, Creative Proteomics is continuing to improve its service and product lines. March 13, 2016, Creative Proteomics has issued that millions will be allocated to develop customized synthesized peptide/protein.

“It is known that to synthesize longer peptides/protein at a high quality is difficult for peptide synthesis provider. So in order to make great progress in quality level and maximum length, Creative Proteomics decided to release money to improve this kind of service,” said Dr. Peterson, a senior scientific officer in Creative Proteomics.

Customized synthesized peptides/protein has a wide range of commercial applications, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients and standalone products. Why peptide/protein synthesis are needed. Due to study the possibility of increasing the native potency of a given peptide or protein by using a rational design approach, small and large amounts of peptides are in need. And if a desired activity or potency is identified, peptide synthesis is needed.

Besides customized synthesized peptides/proteins, protein modification in protein/peptide fields also plays a very crucial role. Many proteins contain additional chemicals that modify their structure, and they are modified by proteases that remove short peptides from either end of protein.

In Creative Proteomics, protein labeling is also one of the most popular services. Chemical methods of protein labeling contain the covalent attachment of the label to amino acids by using a label conjugate to chemical groups, which can react with specific amino acids.

Customized synthesized peptides/proteins, protein modification and protein labeling are the most significant methods in proteomics fields. Scientists have come up with many advanced techniques to develop more efficient and helpful services.

Allocating millions to improve these services, Creative Proteomics have completed its first step in becoming the most important supplier in proteomics services and products fields.

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