Girls Empowerment Mentor: Karen Howard’s iGrow Girl Brand and Website Ready for Official Launch in April 2017

Austin, TX – Between the tender age of 8 – 11, girls are going through a lot of experiences, both from within and outside their families. The “tween” years are formidable in influencing girls in a variety of ways, which is why Karen Howard of the new ‘iGrow Girl’ brand took the initiative of strengthening the mother-daughter relationship.

The purpose of iGrowGirl is to “encourage girls to know who they are and be the best they can be” by producing books, games, toys and by sponsoring events that invite girls to improve themselves and the space around them, while inspiring and being inspired by others. The iGrow Girl tools will support and promote a healthy mother/daughter relationship. iGrow Girl workshops and workbooks aren’t only for mother/daughter relationships, but for girls and any female guardian, family member, or trusted friend.

The vision of iGrowGirl is to see a generation of girls influenced to improve, inspire and be inspired—girls who work at being authentic in who they are, discover and appreciate their own gifts and talents as well as those of others; girls who purposefully learn and grow while encouraging others to do the same. The iGrow Girl motto is “I grow. You grow. We grow together.”

The website is scheduled to officially launch on April 01, 2017. Karen’s latest and highly anticipated publication: ‘It’s Good for a Girl to Know Who She Is’ will be made available during the premier launch of website. The workbook is the first in a series geared toward a girl’s self-discovery and journey toward making good choices for emotional and physical health.

More details available at on April 01, 2017.

In her own experience, Karen calls it the “mother tween daughter synergy”; it is a fragile stage, the coming of age experience when girls bloom and blossom towards maturity. Mothers, who want to be their daughter’s life long coach, confidant, and cheerleader find the resources they need to accomplish this goal by attending the iGrow Girl workshops and using the fun and effective workbooks.

Through the iGrow Girl platform, Karen professionally conducts a series of workshops where mothers and their daughters become a team. These exercises are fun and engaging, and are aimed towards helping girls and their moms toward deep and meaningful moments. It also helps mothers in getting to know their daughters from a totally different perspective.

Karen has written books, taught classes and publicly spoken about relationships on numerous occasions. Through the iGrow Girl brand, she now has a formal platform where internet based visitors, and repeat clients can enroll in workshops and buy a series of interactive workbooks etc. These workbooks demonstrate key activities which target core relationship factors for girls and their moms.

• Mothers get to know their daughter’s likes, dislikes, key personality traits etc.

• The end of each workbook leads to a unique mutual bonding experience. It allows for girls, and their mothers to express themselves more openly & honestly.

• Mothers can get to know their daughter’s struggles, signs of peer pressure (if any) and so much more.

• Girls are encouraged to respect and show kindness to themselves and others; to inspire and be inspired; to think, learn and grow.

Karen’s clients have expressed their gratitude for helping them begin a journey of self-discovery. Not only the mothers, but more importantly, their young daughters are set on a path to alter their lives in a healthy way. The ‘iGrow Girl’ website is expected to expand in the future, and highlight Karen Howard’s latest workbooks via frequent updates.

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About iGrow Girl:

iGrow Girl is a brand geared toward tween girls 8 – 11-years-old and their moms. Through a series of workbooks, workshops and other resources, Karen Howard, the founder and owner aims to steer girls and their mothers toward stronger relationship dynamics. The iGrow Girl Guides of Karen’s workbooks: Melissa, Myah, and Iko are an integral part of the brand. (Notice anything special about their names: “Me, My and I?”) The three girls demonstrate a diversity of ethnicity, style, and personality so that every girl can see herself in one of them. And they look like real tween “girls”!

About Karen Howard:

Karen Howard is an upcoming name. She is the facilitator and public speaker behind a variety of seminars, and activities aimed at strengthening the bond between mothers and their daughters. The goal is to empower girls so that rather than depending on exterior influences to define them, they will grow to be strong and independent women who define themselves.

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