NEW BOOK “The Conservative Playbook: A Quick Guide to Defeat Liberalism” a Must Read!

The Conservative Playbook: A Quick Guide to Defeat Liberalism by Chad Ashworth

USA – 14 Mar, 2017 – 

Liberals believe in:

• Freedom of speech (As long as you agree with their views. Any opposition will be deemed “hate speech”)

• Freedom of the Press (As long as the press is furthering a liberal agenda. Any other form of press will be declared right wing extremists / Alt right producing “fake news”)

• Freedom of Religion (Unless you’re a Christian)

• Equality based on race, gender, & sexual preference  (As long as you are a Democrat)

Get the idea? Liberals claim to be the champions of freedom and equality, yet in reality they suppress the truth and are extremely divisive. 

Liberalism is based on lies, period. Rule #1 in the Liberal playbook is to lie about anyone that disagrees with them. Calling opposition racists and homophobic are favorites of the left. They believe if they tell a lie often enough it will become an accepted truth. A prime example is how liberals claim to be the champion of women and minorities even though their actions show otherwise. 

Hillary Clinton is a prime example of liberal hypocrisy. She claims to be a champion for women and the LGBT community yet took millions of dollars from countries that practice Sharia Law. She claims to be a champion of African Americans yet referred to Senator Robert Byrd, former member of the Ku Klux Klan, as her mentor. She also said that she “admired Margaret Sanger and her vision”. Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood and openly racist. 

In the new book, The Conservative Playbook: A Quick Guide to Defeat Liberalism, you’ll get insight into the anti Christian liberal agenda, the climate change scam, but more importantly, how to defeat them.

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