GramKosh software offers complete Instagram marketing and allows users to schedule or post Instagram stories directly through desktop

GramKosh Software developed by Jai Sharma is a brand new software of IMS (Instagram Marketing Suites) that allow marketers to get more traffic, fresh leads, and engagement with stories, schedule autopost, comment, analytics, and custom feed layouts. It helps users improve their business without spending any money for any keyword and run on autopilot.

Gram Kosh is an ultimate software that offers best marketing solutions for marketer’s Instagram marketing promotions or campaigns instantly. The software loaded with powerful features, and it is designed to obtain the best results. GramKosh is probably the first software in the marketing industry that contains many efficient functions that can help users improve their marketing campaigns skill on Instagram. 

Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world; approximately 28 percent of internet users are using Instagram. That means over 500 million users are using the popular Instagram and every 3rd user shops online. The fact is Instagram’s engagement is ten times more than Facebook, 58 times more than Pinterest and 84 times more than Twitter.

The difference in the percentage compared with other social media networks is because Instagram is powerful and if marketers can surpass Instagram and manage to steer their traffic, sales, and leads, it will help them skyrocket their business. GramKosh software is the only solution as it is the best software for Instagram marketing master and provides users the solutions for free, without any ads, or without hiring any professional. It allows them to do it for themselves and save a lot of money and time.

GramKosh Features:

• Allows you to list Instagram stories straightaway using desktop
• Allows you to get Instagram stories automatically and get the schedule posts for several months
• Schedule post straight from your desktop
• Schedule and Autopost your first comment
• Provides influential training on how to gain 25,000 followers in any niche or keyword
• Offers step-by-step video sessions and training
• PCF (Premium Custom Feed) Layouts, etc.

The GramKosh software also enables users to post Instagram stories through their desktop, and post to their Instagram account directly through their desktop.  Using Instagram stories, posts, synced e-com stores, blogs, and affiliate sites helps them get 10X fresh leads and engagement for their business for free.

Gram Kosh is a fresh and friendly cloud-based software that offers most competent solutions to improve marketer’s business website. It is the only software in the world right now that can help marketer control Instagram stories, Instagram SAS (Synced Affiliate Sites), with a theme that looks similar to the Instagram theme, blogs, and so on.  It allows marketers to auto-linking every post or story with related niches connected to thirty viral Hashtags.

GramKosh software gives users the power to conquer Instagram and makes the social media network work for them. It allows them to schedule Instagram stories directly, and they can autopost instantly for a month, and do everything that can help them steer leads, traffic and improve their business automatically.

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