WP Blazer Launches Plugin To Ensure An Effortless Updating Of Websites

WP Blazer 3.0
To meet the increasing demands for professional software to update all the sites, WP Blazer has brought forth the WP Blazer 3.0 as an extremely hassle-free mode to ensure all the WP sites are automatically updated and secured.

Keeping in mind the demands of specification regarding controlling and managing of sites on a singular dashboard, WP Blazer 3.0 plugin was brought forth to cater to all those demands. With this program, a new user can be created within a minute for more than a single blog, and he or she is safe from any issues regarding hacking.

From its very inception, WP Blazer has been associated with providing customer friendly plugins and updates to its clients. With this newly developed WP Blazer 3 plugin, options as automatic backup, installation of updates simultaneously with a single click, and pre-scheduled backups are available within a limited monetary amount.

Launching this WP Blazer plugin at the Western Union Trade Fair, 2016, CEO, WP Blazer stated: “The major issue that made people come up to us was the sudden crashing of their sites as they planned to get a new site installed. Also, updating WP sites as well as adding plugins and getting a secure solution was getting more difficult with time. Affecting quality of the domain, it resulted in falling in website ratings and low-profit rates. With this WP Blazer 3 plugin, we being the software group in market decided on providing our clients the best.”

The primary features associated with this WP Blazer 3.0 plugin include management of multiple sites along with simultaneous installation on a singular dashboard and grouping and categorization of websites for better support backup. Also, update is automatic with complete security against hackers with no associated hidden costs.

This plugin has to be added to the concerned website, and an API key will be provided for further usage.  The WP Blazer plugin has to be connected with concerned WordPress site via a Blazer, and certain settings have to be updated. Once that is done, further plugins can be added from the repository, and finally, multiple sites can be installed. This backup takes some minutes to a maximum of an hour, and user’s site is ready to function.

As one of its primary beta testers, Anthony George provided the WP Blazer 3.0 review. According to him, “This plugin is an excellent mode to ensure that online businesses can cater to a majority audience and garner maximum profits within a specified period. As far as latest test results are concerned, for blog users, there have always been multiple issues on WordPress. With this plugin from the house of WP Blazer, the most reputed of all, an excellent cloud-based platform is available to users and corporates. A long way to go!”

As some of the WP Blazer 3 bonus points, this also includes updating of any server irrespective of its site. The concerned files are stored in remote domains, and backup can be downloaded from a wp-content folder at one’s prerogative. There is a specialized team dedicated towards development of plugins and updating them at intervals. Also, this plugin comes with a set of manuals that guides users in a correct direction.

About the company:

WP Blazer has always had a special place amidst software developers with a dedicated team looking for providing the best to clients. With its consistent performance in this domain, it has provided a hassle free updated plugin system to make things easier for WordPress users.

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