Elevator Manufacturer Fujihd Launched a Wide Range of High-Tech Elevators for Multistoried Buildings

Fujihd Elevator Co, Ltd, or simply known as Fujihd, recently launched a broad range of passenger elevators for residential and commercial buildings.

Fujihd Elevator Co, Ltd, which simply goes by the name Fujihd, recently launched a wide range of high-tech elevators for multistoried buildings. The elevator manufacturer which has a robust infrastructure and a highly competent workforce has claimed that all the elevators are completely safe and are powered by latest technologies that are shaping the paradigms for the global elevator manufacturing industry.

The manufacturers maintained at a recent press conference that the latest elevator products come with cage arrest brake system – a technology that has been traditionally used in mine elevators as emergency braking system. They also added that there is absolutely no chance that the elevators would fail. While speaking about the technology which they have used in their latest elevators, one senior executive from the elevator company said that the arrest brake system can prevent falling of the elevator in any situation and added that the elevators are completely safe for both commercial and residential buildings.

Some of the home elevators which the company has launched of late have a 1000-pound capacity, but the owners of Fujihd added that loading an elevator to its 1000-pound capacity is very rare. The manufacturers also said that their elevators can be customized to adapt to two or three-storied homes and office buildings too. They said that the users can easily enter or exit their residential buildings by using these customized high-tech elevators. The team of engineers working in close coordination with the workshop staff of Fujihd is now in the process of bringing in more customization options for their end users. Customers can also buy elevator by directly visiting the official website of Fujihd.

Mr. Ken, the general manager of the company recently met the press at Fujihd Huzhou office where he explained the benefits of their latest home and office elevators. “While designing and manufacturing the elevators, we always take a safety-first approach. Using latest technologies is a part of our core objectives, but safety of end users prevails over everything else. The latest range of elevators are no exception, as we have integrated some of the most advanced safety features,” said Mr. Ken speaking on behalf of Fujihd.

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Fujihd is a global distributor and supplier of elevator systems.

To know more, visit http://www.fujihd.net/ or find them on Skype: hengdafuji. 

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