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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI – 16 Mar, 2017 – The W Tax Group announced today that it will be debuting its personalized IRS and State collection services nationwide which include a variety of Federal and State tax resolution options; Levy Releases, Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreements, as well as tax return preparation and more.

W Tax Group client Marcus Turner had been receiving letters for federal taxes he owed since 2013. As the letters (along with threatening calls) accumulated he started hiding them in a junk drawer in his home. Over time he watched the “total amount due” grow from penalties and interest. The stress turned into desperation and a deep depression. A successful business owner, Turner felt too proud to ask for help. When the amount came to over $25,000, he knew he’d either lose his business and family or his sanity.

“I was embarrassed and I didn’t know where to turn,” said Turner, a Baltimore native. “The IRS is so intimidating and relentless. I knew they would take everything I had worked so damn hard for. They issued a levy on my bank account and I finally picked up the phone to ask for help. And I knew I needed an aggressive attorney.”‍

Millions of Americans are threatened by collection notices and calls from the IRS every year. Most are unprepared for the life disruption and stress they cause. Few know the options available to them in settling these matters with an effective tax attorney.

But a new, aggressive service has been established by The W Tax Group to come to the immediate aid and assistance of American taxpayers within hours of receiving a notice from the Internal Revenue Service.‍

According to Stephen A. Weisberg, the founder and Principal Attorney of W Tax Attorney, “Often, the best defense against the IRS is an ethical professional that can simply offer advice and a variety of settlement options. In many cases, the IRS is hoping for an easy settlement on their terms. However, when they see you are bringing in an aggressive attorney that will fight them, strongly negotiate and catch their errors, they will often make a deal favorable to our client.”

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About The W Tax Group

Led by Attorney Stephen Weisberg, the W Tax Group is a full-service Tax Resolution firm that handles IRS or State Tax Issue nationwide. Established in 2016, Tax W Tax Group is on hand to provide answers for clients impacted by wage garnishments, bank levies, liens and other IRS and State Treasury collections and challenges.

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