TOKAGEH Debuts its new Gyuto and Santoku Luxury Chef’s Knives

TOKAGEH has announced the launch of two new professional-level kitchen knives in its Classic Series – a 7-inch Gyuto knife and 8-inch Santoku knife that are equally applicable within homes and professional establishments.

“Those who have yet to encounter the love a chef has towards his knife has never seen love in their life,” said James Parker, spokesperson for TOKAGEH.

Both chef knives have been created with Japanese aesthetics in mind. The durable Santoku knife offer high performance and easy maintenance, expertly crafted according to a 600-year-old tradition of excellence. The luxury chef knives come packaged in an elegant magnetic box and with the well-known TOKAGEH lifetime guarantee.

TOKAGEH has designed its chef’s knives to provide superior accuracy that makes cooking more enjoyable. The rust resistant blade offers strength and durability for a wide range of kitchen tasks. The knives feature a finely balanced blade that allows cooking enthusiasts to move between tasks without fatiguing their hands.

The TOKAGEH Gyuto knife combines carbon steel quality with stainless steel practicality. Each knife is created with a rigid Japanese stainless steel core wrapped by 66 layers of Damascus steel. Unlike lesser knives, the TOKAGEH chef’s knives remain physically stable when exposed to high temperatures and during varying climatic conditions.

The result is a visually aesthetic knife that prevents foods from adhering to the blade and an 8-13 degree angle that provides increased accuracy. The textured, ergonomically designed handle resists moisture for improved grip and stability.

A Santoku knife is an indispensable kitchen tool that handles the majority of all preparation tasks. The TOKAGEH knives can chop, dice, slice and mince herbs and the hardest vegetables with ease, along with fruits with tough rinds that include watermelons and cantaloupes. The blades are equally effective for cutting and slicing poultry, fish and meat and can disjoint large cuts of meat.

Available exclusively on Amazon, the introduction of the new TOKAGEH chef’s knives provides discerning cooks who demand superior quality and performance with a multi-faceted tool to meet a wide variety of needs. The knives offer an aesthetically appealing appearance that blends with any décor while providing many years of flawless service.


TOKAGEH is comprised of a close-knit team of chefs, designers and engineers, all of whom have a passion for culinary perfection. The goal of TOKAGEH is to provide superior quality products that combine functionality with beauty and make each cooking experience easier and more enjoyable.

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