Forex expert launches highly profitable currency trading for beginners teaches anyone how to make profit daily

Currency trading can be a very lucrative venture with the proper knowledge, skills, and training. has launched an aggressive marketing campaign aiming to teach currency trading for beginners. The Wealth Cycle Theory offers a fresh insight into the secrets of forex trading, allowing its participants access to the profitable world of currency trading. The WCT Product Suite takes traders by the hand to see the forex trading market from another perspective, and help them avoid pitfalls, rookie mistakes, and misdirection that may lead to failure and waste of resources.

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“People coming into forex trading have the right to know that the market can be beat. In most cases, it is the financial elites and big banks gaining the substantial profits for themselves, while the newcomers tend to take the hits and suffer the losses. Wealth Cycle Theory is an honest, simple and progressive system designed to help traders understand the forex market so they too can capitalize on its massive profit potential. Anyone can do this,” said Brian Charles, a Chief Equity Officer at the company.

According to statistics, 86% of new traders enter the forex market with the desire to make a profit, but only about 36% of them will ever make any money. The reason for this monumental failure is the lack of knowledge and poor guidance offered by the so-called gurus and experts in the industry. The truth is, the forex market moves in cycles. Understanding these cycles is the key to successfully trading the market.

The Wealth Cycle Theory takes advantage of an economic phenomenon in the Forex market called “economic equilibrium” to help traders identify profitable trades time and time again. Economic equilibrium is determined by the laws of demand and supply and the market’s natural disposition to strike a balance. has develop products which simply illustrate how to find opportunities to enter the market’s cycle and translate it to profits. The focus is keeping things so simple anyone could do it.

“Since starting the Wealth Cycle Theory, I have more than doubled my equity in the market. I went from navigating the markets with uncertainty because I was suffering from ‘information overload.’ This simplified approach has taken my trading game to a new level. I am now on track to be making daily withdraws and creating financial freedom for my family!” said Anthony, a new Wealth Cycle Theory member.

Wealth Cycle Theory offers a unique opportunity for beginners in currency trading to skip the learning curve, avoid expensive mistakes and losses, and access the most reliable information to succeed and make a profit.

About Wealth Cycle Theory

Wealth Cycle Theory is a forex trading system designed to help traders better comprehend the forex market to make substantial gains consistently. It utilizes a unique kind of strategy to target remarkable trade opportunities.

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