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NCR Silver is a cloud-based iPad POS system made by the first point-of-sale company in the world, 130-years-old electronics giant  NCR Corporation. This software sets itself apart in a handful of ways and should be a serious consideration for small to medium-size business owners.

For some, the sheer size of NCR might be enough to dissuade them, especially since nowadays we tend to gravitate towards the struggling, quirky startup rather than the (seemingly) soulless corporation. And NCR is a corporation in the traditional sense—a message that comes across in the almost six billion dollars in revenue it makes annually. Yet being the child of a rich parent does have its benefits. As a developer of various other POS systems—Aloha, which has been made specifically for restaurants, and Counterpoint, aimed at retailers—NCR is able to bring a level of know-how to the table that its competitors simply can’t match. This out-in-the-trenches experience genuinely shows in some of its features. NCR has set itself apart as a company that responds quickly to new feature requests and market demands. Both of these attributes are made possible because of its size.

Staying on the same positive note, recent additions to NCR Silver’s subscription-based services have added a little more of the personal flavor many thought lacking. Theses additions include, for example, full 24/7 live support (including text to talk technical support) and a range of less-than-mainstream integration options . . . considered BitCoin, anyone? (Yeah, don’t worry I had to Google it too.) The newly redesigned interface (NCR Silver 4) looks more modern and sleek and requires fewer clicks to navigate. And I think we can all agree that less is sometimes more, especially when you have a long line of grumpy customers. 

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