Northern Force Security offers VIP & Executive Protection for Public and Private Individuals

A Higher Level of Security for Those Most Vulnerable to Attacks on Their Privacy.

Anyone who is high profile for their career or social standing is at risk of having their privacy invaded; even when they feel safe and secure in their surroundings. Northern Force Security offers a number of services to provide VIP & executive protection to individuals who don’t want to expose their lives to any type of threat. Their offerings include:

Escort – Security protection for times when VIP’s or executives attend business meetings, trade shows, personal events, or any place where security and privacy may be put at risk.

Safe Route – Pare of NF Security’s VIP & executive protection services including planning and designing a safe transportation and travel itinerary.

Inspection and Examination – Before the VIP or executive reaches their destination, it must be thoroughly examined to determine there are no security risks.

Drivers – NF Security offers highly skilled drivers who are trained to recognize threatening situations and avoid them to deliver their passengers safely to their destination.

Northern Force Security
is a unique security company that understands the higher-than-normal risk many people encounter during their daily lives. Their VIP & executive protection services help keep distinguished people safe from the increased threat of global terrorism in the world today. Their variety of security services protects their physical bodies, their reputations and privacy, and their belongings.

In addition to their VIP & executive protection services, NF Security also offers concierge security corporate security, security consulting, events security, institutional security, neighbourhood protection and mobile patrol service. The security team is highly experienced in contemporary security and anti-terrorism tactics that make them essential for protecting people in all types of settings.

NF Security understands that security needs vary from one situation to the next. While one person might be more concerned about their well-being, another may worry more than one misinterpretation of their actions could ruin their reputation and their career or standing. Their VIP & executive protection, body guard, escort, and training services include a broad range of security options that will cover nearly any situation where security is a concern today.

About Northern Force Security

Northern Force Security is a unique security company that was founded by former military professionals and anti-terrorism specialists. They use their skills to train security guards with the capabilities needed in a world with an increasing threat of terrorism. Many clients have special needs to protect their assets from unexpected threats who carry a greater risk to their security than ever before. As a full-service security provider, they are able to meet the safety and security needs of clients and give them the peace of mind they need.

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