Most Powerful Energy Force In The World Revealed And It Trumps All

“”If God is light, light creates color. Every spectrum of all possible color exists in you therefore, and your imagination is the artist. You can paint any life, exactly the way you picture and imagine it to be – The Force Is In You.” – Ethan Carter”
The Force Is In You eBook reveals humanity and life cannot exist without the invisible energy of the magnetic field, a force so profound it gives life to all matter on Earth. Author Ethan Carter says “Our body is a 3D illusion that is not ours at all. It is an image of energy we carry around on Earth, postured by the magnetic field of the planet, A small piece of the larger part we are. One things for certain, we are all bigger than a human body, and what we daily perceive ourselves to be.”

It’s an invisible scientific secret, an energy that holds all matter together and keeps life itself, alive. It is around a human every second, from first to last breath for their life on the planet. Science today accepts that a magnetic field exists around the Earth and throughout the planet, created by the North and South pole its push pull energy works seamlessly in the background as we go about life oblivious of the fields roll and our co-dependence on the magnetic field to survive.

Doctors today now can measure a humans magnetic field created by their heart up to 8 feet away from a human. Around every human being exists a magnetic field that connects them to the planets magnetic field, and like an invisible wi-fi signal is to a computer, the field is to a human. In other words, the field transmits data to the human, and the human transmits data through the field. All it takes is electrical signals generated mostly by what doctors today recognize is an electromagnetic organ, the heart,  to use the field and manifest their desired life. Nikola Tesla and other great minds knew it in their time, they even wrote about it. Now technology exists to prove these past geniuses right, and Ethan Carter in a global new non-fiction book is creating a major shift in awareness as he reveals these new scientific discoveries to the public, along with the tools to improve our health and well-being. 

“The Force Is In You,” by first-time author Ethan Carter is earning glowing five-star reviews and is fast rocketing to the top of best-seller lists online and around the world with its “common sense” approach to the quantum science of energy in particular, magnetics. The book has gained fans from around the globe in London, Paris, Australia, India, USA and Singapore who have posted glowing reviews. On YouTube it has sparked youtube videos of massive impromptu dance parties in Bangladesh as people use their positive thinking to strengthen their magnetic field for the benefit of themselves, and film it on video for the benefit of all humans to see the force at work the video gained over 100,000 views in a week. 

The book explains that animals use this magnetic field every day. Old thinking says water is H2O, the book rejects this notion. The common belief of water as just a liquid and being  70% of a human is rejected too. “The Force Is In You” proves water is actually beyond a liquid and accounts for 99% of a human. Carter outlines why it is 99% — in terms everyone can understand — water is able to effectively act as a carrier for human thoughts and emotions, and how to use these thoughts to help every aspect of their life.

Mr. Carter gives the example of the Technicolor company, which successfully stored one million copies of an old black-and-white movie in a single vial of water and a molecule of DNA, currently on display at their Hollywood office. Expanding this idea to a much grander scale, the book uncovers a secret that until now just a handful of scientists and other experts have known: Water can carry positive energy, and because water passes through everything, it plays a part in creating anything that water passed through since the beginning of time. 

“If Hollywood can store a million movies on a couple of drops of water and a molecule of DNA, and humans have trillions of DNA in just a single strand of hair, imagine what a human can do. You are bigger than you have ever been taught or told,” says Mr. Carter.  “Once you know the pattern of DNA, and of matter, you can create whatever you want,” he says, citing the Technicolor company as one small example of much greater possibilities, than people have ever imagined. 

Humans can also use the field to their advantage through the consumption of magnetized water, a process also known as biomagnetism. Consuming this water boosts the magnetic field around a human, and the power of this field can be used to make positive thoughts a reality.

Science fiction movies and televisions shows have laid the groundwork to explain the concept of a force, with Star Trek introducing the real-world concept of mater having its own pattern in a sci-fi setting, and Star Wars promoting the concept of a force that surrounds everyone, and that can be used — a concept the book endorses, showing yesterdays science fiction is now proven scientific fact.  Mr Carter says “It might not be obvious to many, but we’ve all had help to prepare for this reality, and to all who helped I say, Thank you.” 

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