Music Lov3rs Magazine Profiles the Meteoric Rise of Love Vibration Nation Music and The CoCreators.

ORLANDO, FL – 17 Mar, 2017 – Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC is proud to announce feature story about the EDM label and The CoCreators fast rising Global Following. The article appears below:

The CoCreators and Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC.

Anytime anyone embarks on a journey, it is fueled by the intent as the reason for choosing to do so. The CoCreators and Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing (LVN) are a great example of this. The group and the record label are gaining tremendous traction and  EDM/House Music fan base around the world in a very short period of time. Why is that? Let’s take a look under the hood.

First and foremost, both the label and the artists are propelled by a simple mantra. LOVE IS THE ANSWER, not  WE WANT TO BE FAMOUS or LOOK HOW COOL WE ARE. Just LOVE IS THE ANSWER. Simple, no ego. Factual as far as they are concerned. The faith in Love as a world changing force within the CoCreators and LVN is unshakeable and it oozes out into their music and their approach to everything they do. The CoCreators and LVN are very deep in their thinking and commitment to the LOVE IS THE ANSWER theme.

“Love is the Creative Force of the Universe. It inspires us to create, change and overcome odds that nobody would think they could on a daily basis. It gives us hope in our darkest hour. It reminds us we all came from the same place, that we are connected by and created by Love. It’s so much more powerful than hate because it’s pure and it lasts forever. Science has proven that the Atoms we are made up of are constantly vibrating, they never touch. When we introduce positive energy through Love there is a certain manner in which our atoms vibrate. House Music has always created the communing of huge groups of people, all creeds, all colors, male, female,straight or gay, from every nation within the music as the joining thread. The pioneers like Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles understood this early on. They saw first hand perfect strangers dial in their heartbeats to the music at the same BPM and feel the unconditional Love as it was in the beginning of time without ego.There is no other music on the planet that does this. This is the Love Vibration Nation. That’s what we are all about.” Says Marco DiCristo President of Love Vibration Nation Music.

The belief and the approach is clear.Change the world through Love in music. To change the world LVN had to make sure it could reach listeners around the globe, hence the labels aggressive nature in securing distribution in every continent in over 300 stores and streaming services. After the marketplaces were secure, how did the Love Is The Answer mantra translate into the music production for the CoCreators for music releases such as The Lift Off Ep? What’s their approach and mindset in the creative process?

“First of all, we can’t take full credit for our music. We have to point to the sky for that!” Says The CoCreators. “We took a full year to complete an album. It was recorded over 3 continents by the 3 of us. We recorded 40 songs and picked 15.It had to be close to perfect because each time we record a song, we realize this recording will in essence last forever. Not many House Producers or Artists in any genres think that way. They record a song a week and keep it moving, not realizing each song becomes part of the fabric of eternity. Our approach is different.  We know if we tap into that Love energy and make it slamming on the dancefloor at the same time, we left the right mark in history and it’s job done. Our music has a lot of emotive elements like Classical strings and keys that lay over a foundation of funky basslines and drums. We always put a huge breakdown or bridge in every track as well. We call this smile time. It gives the listeners and the dancefloor 30 seconds or so to really feel the LOVE of the song and etch the moment in their mind forever. Ask anyone who is a real house music fan, those breakdowns are what reminds us who we were with and what we were doing when we first heard them. As far as what we put in the music, it’s not a specific style, not a specific genre at all. Our album is all over the map style wise. Even our first release,The Lift OFF EP has 3 very different style songs on it (4 total with a remix). We actually put the effort to let the listeners know we Love them unconditionally so I guess we are in the Love Genre. It’s amazing what that gets you in terms of feedback. We have support for all tracks on The Lift Off EP. Love Is, LIft Them Up, Look Up Alternate Vocal Dub and Look Up. People are being touched by our music around the globe now more and more each day. That’s what it’s all about. This is why we do what we do because we know-Love Is The Answer!”

The CoCreators Lift Off EP is being supported by DJs around the globe such as Coqui Selection, DJ Pierre, Late Nite Dancer and many others as well as numerous radio stations and Billboard reporting djs.

The Lift Off Ep is available in over 300 online stores and streaming services around the world including  Itunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Beatport, Traxsource, Juno and Spotify. Buy it today and feel the Love for yourself.

Love Vibration Nation has a weekly Show on Mixcloud. Listen to this week’s show currently number 37 in Mixcloud Progressive House Chart.

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