New Hiking and Outdoor Website Launches

Cape Town, SA – Amidst the throngs of people who simply live their daily life never straying for routine, there exist a large constituency of deviants. There are people who simply love outdoor adventures no matter the form they take. Everything from mountain climbing to scuba diving could be covered by these risk-takers, just so long as it’s out of the norm.

A problem that many of these thrill seekers run into is finding the right gear to get them through such adventures. Some of the required tools can be very expensive, but no company is willing to let their products be tested prior to being purchased. This leaves anyone with a lack of funds and a taste for adventure in a tight spot. Camping, for example, requires a wide variety of tools and items, and no one wants to risk buying everything they need only to have them all breakdown after being used only once. MyWildEarth is a company hoping to help people everywhere deal with these problems.

Instead of taking money from major outdoor gear producing companies and being forced to write disingenuous reviews, they’ve remained completely neutral as to which products their readers by. Whether it’s a company they’ve come to prefer or one they’ve never heard of before, they explain online that they’re able to present a completely unbiased report every single time. Everything from hiking, to sports, to beach trips are covered on their website, which keeps them attracting a wide variety of people.

Furthermore, MyWildEarth takes great pride in the expertise they have working for one common goal under one roof. While many websites will simply employ writers and SEO specialist to keep people finding their site, MyWildEarth insists on only employing those who they know will positively contribute to their goals and the site’s content.

“Our team of writers and editors include a scuba dive instructor, a kite surf enthusiast, climbers, hikers, downhill skateboarders, stand-up paddle boarders, wakeboarders, and snowboarders – we just love to do extreme sports,” explained a representative of the site. “Come with us as we review the latest outdoor and extreme gear and put it to the ultimate field test: life itself.”

So far, travelers and adventurers everywhere have come to appreciate MyWildEarth’s thorough reviews and honest opinions. By directly addressing the issues that people seem most plagued by and presenting easily understandable material free-of-charge online they’ve quickly secured a solid following.

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Company Name: MyWildEarth
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