Last Bottle Clothing Launches Shirts Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Soft Shirts. Small Footprint. 100% Recycled Plastic and 100% Recyclable.

Atlanta, GA – Last Bottle Clothing is launching an innovative new line of apparel, consisting of shirts made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The shirts are, in turn, 100% recyclable as well. The production process is carefully planned to eliminate plastic pollution and fossil fuel use – and the resulting recyclable shirts are truly pristine: soft, breathable, and versatile garments to be enjoyed and used for years. At the end of shirts’ useful lives, they can be sent back to Last Bottle Clothing to be recycled into new shirts. 

Each of Last Bottle Clothing’s shirts consists of, on average, thirteen 500mL recycled plastic bottles. The plastic used for the shirts is brought in from recycling centers, crushed into tiny pellets, melted and woven into polyester thread and then knitted into a lightweight jersey knit fabric. Fabric is then cut into patterns, and sewn into 100% recycled shirts. The process not only reduces plastic pollution and fossil fuel use, but also eliminates much of the need for freshwater and known pesticides/fertilizers associated with natural and organic cottons. The finished product is a lightweight, breathable, dry-fit shirt that uses 500 times less water than a traditional cotton shirt. 

“Our goal,” says Last Bottle Clothing co-founder Stuart Wood, “is to provide a comfortable shirt, with performance wear characteristics like moisture wicking and odor control, to our customers while at the same time, do everything within our power to reduce the catastrophic impact of plastic pollution. We’re going to make the cleanest, least polluting shirts on the planet and revolutionize the apparel industry in the process.”

Co-founder, Justin Koehn, takes it a step further, “Our entire process is built around recycling, conservation, and serving as a Public Benefit Corporation. Everything we do has to first meet our strict environmental and social criteria. Our product is made within a 100-mile radius in the Carolinas, minimizing the carbon footprint of our apparel while creating American manufacturing jobs.”

About Last Bottle Clothing

Last Bottle Clothing was founded in 2016 by Stuart Wood and Justin Koehn. After working in the corporate retail world for years, and seeing the destructive accumulation of waste, primarily in the form of plastics, Wood and Koehn decided it was time to do something. They set out to lighten the ecological burden of plastics, while at the same time, creating a product that all consumers, not only just the environmentally conscious, will want to wear.

The team at Last Bottle Clothing believes that their success will force industry wide change, creating positive social and environmental transformation.

Last Bottle Clothing shirts are available to pre-order on Kickstarter from March 7 until April 6, 2017.

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