“Contemporary Picasso” Offering Limited Edition Unique Artsy Emoji Prints

Popular Aussie artist Demeter is presently offering her limited edition exclusive emoji prints with prices starting from $699 to $10000. Her artworks follow an abstract minimalist style as made famous by Picasso or Cy Twombly.

Clayton, Victoria – March 20, 2017 – Emoticons have their own adorable appeal but nobody could think of transcending them to an artsy level, until now. A dashing Aussie abstract expressionism artist Demeter has come up with unique artsy emojis and is currently offering her limited edition exclusive emoji prints for art connoisseurs and print collectors all over the world.

Rightly dubbed as “Contemporary Picasso” and “Cy Twombly”, her emoticon artworks are a classy blend of subtle minimalism and awe-inspiring pop art.

“I am glad to announce that currently I am offering my limited edition out-of-the-box emoji prints starting from a reasonable range of $699. If you are a fan of Picasso or Cy Twombly and are curious to have a look at the modern take of their legendary styles, my emoji prints are sure to pique your interest. Besides, they will also appeal to those who wish to explore emojis redefined,” smiled Demeter who has already earned great kudos for her excellent artistic and design skills layering her minimalist abstract masterpieces.

She mostly explores different ideas from a minimalist angle with generous hints of black & white. Her fascinating painting language captures the moment in the most thrilling way and it’s just lovely how she has been able to express a versatile range of simple yet indescribable moods through her emoji artworks. From expectations, to dreams to love, her limited edition prints convey all such and many more.

The artist is all for freestyle creativity in artworks where she doesn’t want to be bound by shackles of traditional painting. She prefers to commence her journey from smear & then moulds the artwork with her signature painting style, characterized by active scribbled lines & innocent creativity.

Devoid of typical boundaries and inhibitions, Demeter zeroes on drawing with the free spirit of a child yet her works are anything but childish. A trendsetter in her own merit, Demeter’s limited edition prints speak of huge investment potential for the art collectors. Rich in elegance, her unique creations will always render a distinct look to homes and offices.

“Inspired by emotions, my artistic Mojis are subtle yet beautiful expressions of feelings and personality. My pieces are echoes of the famous artworks like ’11 Bull Plates’ by Picasso or the phenomenal ‘blackboard’ painting by Cy Twombly that is famous for setting new auction record at Sotheby’s.”

Needless to mention, this incredibly talented abstract expressionism artist draws inspiration from Picasso and Twombly. Besides, she is also inspired by other great names like Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Jean-Michel Basquiatetc etc.

Trendy & enormously popular, Demeter Mojis enable art lovers to communicate, express and share feelings in flair and swag. Her limited edition prints would make amazing gifts for near and dear ones on any occasion.

To order Demeter’s unique limited edition minimalist abstract prints, visit www.demeterland.com

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/n1K6q1NEyKA

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