Georgia Roof Pro Opens New Office In Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville, GA – One of the most important parts of any home is the roof. The roofing structure of a home helps to keep out the elements and keep a home comfortable throughout the year. Georgia Roof Pro of Lawrenceville helps local residents to get the most out of their investment in their home by providing key roofing repair and maintenance services at affordable rates. In an effort to help tackle roofing repairs and services in a wider range of areas in Georgia, the company has recently announced the opening of their newest office in Lawrenceville.

“As the best roofing company in Lawrenceville, Georgia, we provide not only quality work, but excellent customer service as well,” explains Max Burger, spokesman for the company. “We are a modern and innovative roofing company with years of experience in the industry, enabling us to handle every aspect of roofing from roof design to future maintenance. Proper roof maintenance is important for maintaining and even extending the life of your roof. We are constantly innovating and increasing our top level of customer service in order to make sure that each of our residential and commercial clients is given the best possible experience with their roofing project.”

For the commercial roofing types, Georgia Roof Pro gives clients the option of either choosing TPO, PVC, EPDM or BUR. These four options are the typical material used to build roofs specific to commercial establishments. These materials are highly durable and ensure stability of the building it is being installed in. Whether it is a roof installation, or roof replacement, the company always makes sure that small and large projects are each given the highest level of attention.

For residential roofing projects, Georgia Roof Pro offers a number of high quality materials, including metal, flat roofing, shingles, clay, slate, asphalt, and tile. Whatever material a residential client chooses for the roof that they want installed, the roofing company will make sure that it is properly made and installed for each property. If there are any repairs needed, their staff are also skilled in repairing roofs made up of the materials listed above.

Georgia Roof Pro hopes to continue providing their top rated commercial and residential roofing services for clients in Lawrenceville and other locations in Gwinnett County in order to make sure that residents have a safe and stable roof to protect their homes. The company hopes that the new location in Lawrenceville will help them to meet the demand for professional roofing services in the area, and will help them to continue to provide their services to more residential and commercial clients.

Georgia Roof Pro’s newest location is 2150 Appleton Circle Northeast in Lawrenceville, Georgia (30043).

The company can be reached by phone at (770) 757-9300, or from their website:

Media Contact
Company Name: Georgia Roof Pro
Contact Person: Max Burger
Phone: (770) 757-9300
Address:2150 Appleton Circle Northeast
City: Lawrenceville
State: Georgia
Country: United States