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Finally, a Car Vent Mount that Won’t Fall Off
Square Jellyfish is the first to offer a car vent mount with a metal hook for secure attachment

Fremont, Calif. – Square Jellyfish announces the release of the Jelly-Grip Car Vent Mount, a car vent mount for your smartphone or GPS that won’t fall off. Other car vent mounts use plastic clips, suction, friction or stickiness to stay on. The Jelly-Grip Car Vent Mount has a sturdy metal hook that latches on to the inside of the car vent and is tightened with a screw to keep the mount in place. It is almost impossible for the mount to loosen or fall off, a top complaint from users of other products. Smartphones fit horizontally or vertically in the spring mount claws, and the pivot ball joint allows you to rotate your phone to almost any angle. The spring mount claws easily screw off to reveal the pivot ball, which can accommodate a Garmin GPS with a 17 mm ball joint socket.

“We are eager to launch the third generation of this product. Jelly-Grip is designed by an engineer, and we are always striving to make our products work better for our customers,” said Judie Kuhn, spokesperson for Square Jellyfish. “This new model is easy to use and install – it’s the perfect add-on for anyone with a smartphone and a car without a built-in GPS, and it solves the problems consumers experience with other products.”

A helpful accessory that fits seamlessly into almost any driving lifestyle, from busy parents on the go, to weekend roadtrippers, to the directionally challenged, the Jelly-Grip Car Vent Mount offers hands-free navigation and phone use. Ideal for use in cars without built-in GPS, the Jelly-Grip helps turn your smartphone into a navigation system in plain view on your dash. It is easy to install and remove, so you can utilize it in multiple cars, or take it with you on trips to use in rental vehicles. You can even install it with just one hand. 

The Jelly-Grip Car Vent Mount fits smartphones with screens measuring up to 6 inches diagonally and 3 5/8 inches wide (fitting most phones, even with a case on) and Garmin GPS units. It works on straight car vents that are 3/8 inches to 1 inch deep. The product is available now, exclusively on Amazon for just $18.95. 

The Jelly-Grip Car Vent Mount is the latest in a collection of helpful consumer tech accessories from Square Jellyfish. Other products include a portable tripod mount for smartphones, pocket-sized tripods for smartphones and ear bud cases that double as a stand from smartphones or tablets. Designed in the U.S.A., Square Jellyfish patents are pending.

For more information, and for photos and video on how to use the Jelly-Grip Car Vent Mount, visit: www.squarejellyfish.com

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