Sapheneia Wins the Final Two Cases at Appeals Court Which Completes All Litigation with ContextVision

Dillon, CO., Sep 1, 2014 — Management of Sapheneia LLC and Sapheneia Commercial Products AB wins the final two cases in Swedish Appeals Court. Sapheneia was represented by Setterwalls, one of Sweden’s leading full service law firms which had previously won all lower court decisions for Sapheneia.

ContextVision’s 2014 Q2 Reports states, “All legal processes related to Sapheneia and individuals linked to the company have finally come to an end.”

Dr. Patrick Sewell Sr., the retired founder of Sapheneia, stated, “I am very excited after almost a decade of litigation and wasted resources to see the completion of this issue between both companies. In my opinion there was no net benefit to the shareholders and/or investors of either company since any decisions affecting this case were only relevant in Sweden and no other countries. Sapheneia Inc. is the undisputed owner of its state of the art Clarity product line and looks forward to releasing new products now that this litigation has been completed.”

About Sapheneia Global LLC, Commercial Products, and CATX

Sapheneia Global LLC, Sapheneia Commercial Products AB, and CATX Inc. were the founding companies involved in litigation in Sweden and have ceased all business operations and the founders have retired. Sapheneia Inc. is not affiliated with any of these companies and are currently not involved in any litigation.

Sapheneia Inc. is an American global technologies company that specializes in diagnostic and analytical image processing solutions, among other innovative products. The solutions provided by Sapheneia range from dose reduction services for X-Ray and CT to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions for multi-modalities ranging from XR, CT to ultrasound. It is the first and largest non-OEM company dedicated to radiation dose reduction through image quality enhancement at the lowest cost possible.

SOURCE: Sapheneia Inc.

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