Latest Luciferase Will Be Available at Creative Biogene: More Choices Are Better

In the microscopic world of cell and gene research, Reporter transfected cell lines are a very useful tools, with a wide range of applications. Luciferase reporter cell becomes the ideal reporter gene for its excellent sensitivity, easy-to-use and quantitative detection.

The luciferase from fireflies is the most classic luciferase. The 61KD monomeric enzyme does not need to be modified directly to have enzymatic activity. The catalytic reaction depends on ATP, which is well known as a genetic reporter gene. In addition, Renilla Luciferase, only 36KD size of the protein, whose substrate is mandarin. Mandarin only needs oxygen, and does not need ATP.

So let’s take a look at what new luciferases are now available?

Gaussia luciferase

This is a secreted blue luciferase, which has a molecular weight of only 22KD and contains a natural secretory signal peptide that directs luciferase to be secreted into the cell culture supernatant without cell lysis.

Cypridina luciferase

Like Gaussia, most of the Cypridina luciferase products are secreted extracellularly and can be continuously tested for live cells. Due to the strong signal, the intracellular residual luciferase is also sufficient to carry out routine lytic cell detection, which can achieve multiple detection.

Red firefly luciferase

Compared with the natural Firefly luciferase (green), the emission peak migrates to the red light spectral region. This is really good news for luciferase that has always been “green fat red”. It is precisely because of this spectrum transfer of the Red Firefly luciferase, it can be well distinguished from Gaussia, Cypridina, or Green Renilla luciferase, which can be used in combination.

Kowtowens luciferase

Kowtowens luciferase can share the same substrate of red and green. With the same size, the same substrate, a difference of only a few amino acids, it is a good choice for two-color detection.

Green Renilla luciferase

Compared with the natural Renilla luciferase, Green Renilla luciferase is more stable in serum and has better luminous intensity.

Also as the ideal reporter gene—fluorescent protein such as GFP reporter cell is now already popular. Then what are their characteristics of fluorescent protein and luciferase? For more information, please contact Creative Biogene.

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