\”From me to you\” book by Mazal Lifshitz

“”From me to you” book by Mazal Lifshitz. A practical guide for better relationships based on ancient wisdom of Kabbalah.”
Reveal ancient Kabbalah secrets for better romantic relationships in this practical guide by Mazal Lifshitz to women “From me to you”.

Avraham Lifshitz developed a unique method for personal growth. His wife, Mazal, later put this method into practical guide for women to manage a better relationships with themselves and their partners.

Drawn from the fountain of Jewish roots this method reveals how to get to know yourself better at the deepest levels and make changes in your personal life and interpersonal romantic communication with your partner.

Let’s start with a next assumption. Are you ready?

Two systems whose validity has been proven again and again throughout the thousands of years of human development:

A. The Four Elements – earth, water, fire, and air; which are reflected in nature and in man.

B. The Ten Commandments – a spiritual system of laws and a means of development on a spiritual and mental level.

Avraham Lifshitz constructed a table which is based on a combination of the two systems and describes seventy steps that are called virtues towards reform and refinement of the soul.

Applying the table Avraham teaches different courses, in which a person can get to know themselves better at the deepest levels and make changes in their life. 

The courses put an emphasis on the person: The person with himself, the person in a relationship, the person and his family as well as the person and creation.

The book is written in very short and direct language, yet very practical and ready to apply. Enjoy!

The book is now availabe at Amazon and ContentoNow.

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