Syndicate Live Pro: A Cloud-Based Platform That Helps Users Optimize The Benefits Of Live Streaming

In case you are looking for a simple and cost-effective method that allows you to increase your website traffic and bring your blogs and websites to a global audience, there is a product called Syndicate Live Pro that can completely help you with this.

Syndicate Live Pro has been designed as a cloud-based platform that allows users to broadcast Facebook live events straight from any newsfeed to countless sites and social networks. Users will be enabled to turn any live stream on Facebook Live or Youtube Live into an incredible traffic driving content machine.

Reader could see the features of Syndicate Live Pro at their official site here.

The product includes everything marketers need to drive traffic off of FB to their website. Then they can build their list, drive affiliate commissions, increase eCom revenues and so on. Syndicate Live Pro lets anyone profit with both the power of live video and viral social media traffic.

Also, marketers can get more viral traffic by posting a link to their live stream to Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Syndicate live content, as seen on their website, to unlimited sites and social networks in “real time”. After that, users can redirect that audience back to their site, a landing page, an affiliate offer, a blog, any e-commerce store, etc. to see the event. Users can then take advantage of Live Events which is given preferred treatment by Facebook, YouTube, and Google.

Syndicate Live Pro software is like a content factory that pumps out engagement 24/7. It is obvious that the use of video in content marketing is increasing, and it is certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly. Syndicate Live Pro offers marketers the best viral video content on the social web as it is trending… live.

Facebook Live Streams are watched three times as long as any other video and with FB Live being the fastest growing live streaming service in the world, it is something that marketers need to be on right now. However, FB Live has its own disadvantage such as  marketers can only stream to one place at a time – their profile, or just one FB page or group. They can hardly take full advantage with this limitation. With Syndicate Live Pro offers true syndication. This feature facilitates users to live stream in real time to any site on the internet that needs to syndicate their broadcast.

SyndicateLivePro soft also includes Push Notification feature which keeps the audience coming back for more interactive live content. In addition, the producers provide users with access to over five hours of training on how they can use Live Stream Video, FB Live and Youtube Live so that they can dramatically increase their income potential.

Once the buyer gets access to Syndicate Live Pro, they can get to choose between the two normal and pro versions.

The normal version called Syndicate Social is a website widget that drives web traffic by delivering quality, easily consumable video based content, on a regular basis in any niche on autopilot. Meanwhile, the pro version known as Syndicate Social Pro is the first content marketing automation software which is built for amplifying and monetizing blogs within minutes.

For more details, please visit Syndicate Live Pro review and demo.

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