Twin Flame Poetry – Poetry collection about an eternal love

“Twin Flame Poetry” by ISIS & OSIRIS
In their second collection of poems, “Twin Flame Poetry”, ISIS & OSIRIS continue the story of their unique love.

It has only been three months since Isis and Osiris met in a room in an ancient castle in Ireland. Even though there was a distance of hundreds of miles between them, and there was a language barrier, their love became stronger and deeper over time. Isis, whose native language is not English, improved her language skills over time, and the two souls interacted on all possible levels to discover each other on levels other people could only dream of. In their poems, they talk about these interactions and the things they learned about love during their journey of discovery.

Isis and Osiris are both still fascinated with the Pre-Raphaelite time and its beautiful paintings. So they decided to adorn their second poetry collection “Twin Flame Poetry” with a beautiful selection of art from that period. The poetry, together with the timeless pieces of art, emanate tenderness, sobriety and love. The hearts of the readers will be moved and they will be inspired to think about what love truly is and to whom we should gift our love.

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