Mike Sweeney Announces His Candidacy for Congress in 31st Congressional District of Texas

GEORGETOWN, TX – 25 Mar, 2017 – Community leader and software CEO cites “the catastrophic impact of Sequestration on Fort Hood, TX; incumbent’s history of voting contrary to conservative values and principles; incumbent’s unwillingness to hold town hall meetings and lack of connection with constituents; and failure of understanding about cyberterrorism.”

Mike Sweeney announced his candidacy today for the Republican nomination in the Texas 31st Congressional District. Sweeney’s campaign is built upon his lifetime of accomplishments in business, community service, international relations and unwavering commitment to true Conservative values.

“Among the many challenges facing our nation today is rebuilding our military, especially Fort Hood,” Sweeney said. “Our current Congressman voted in favor of the Budget Control Act of 2011, generally known as Sequestration, which resulted an increase to the debt ceiling over $6 trillion, and had catastrophic consequences for Fort Hood,  TX,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney further asserted, “Sequestration had an immediate and profound effect on Fort Hood and surrounding communities. Sequestration immediately cost Fort Hood $291 million eliminating funds used for family programs, training, construction, and maintenance. Additionally, our Congressman voted in favor of a bill that resulted in the furlough of 6,000 civilian employees. Since Sequestration, Fort Hood has lost approximately 16,000 personnel. The priorities of the constituents living in the Texas 31st Congressional District, Fort Hood and surrounding communities, our military and Veterans must be a priority that goes beyond mere words, but in to action. The incumbent’s actions have not supported his words.”

Sweeney promised that his top priority is the constituents of Texas’s 31st Congressional District. “They will be heard and I will get results,” said Sweeney. Sweeney believes in conservative principles, constitutional governance, and fiscal responsibility. He also believes we need to work hard to improve failing infrastructure, address cyberterrorism, provide access to affordable healthcare, grow the economy and create jobs, and keep our country safe from terrorism and illegal immigration.

“Congress and the Texas 31st Congressional District need leadership, not just someone who avoids his constituents and the issues,” Sweeney said. “I’ve spent my adult life working hard to earn my success and I am ready to bring to Congress my strong work ethic, record of accomplishment, and devoted service.” 

Sweeney is a software CEO whose experience includes building international relations and coordinating with high-level government officials in Iran, Africa and Israel. He has served on governing boards in banking and the public utility industries. Presently, Sweeney is an elected official who serves his community on the Board of Directors of the Chisolm Trail Special Utility District (CTSUD), that provides services to nearly  8,700 water accounts, representing about 21,750 customers, in a 377 square-mile service area that extends northwest from Georgetown into Bell and Burnet counties. He was instrumental in the merger of CTSUD with the City of Georgetown that resulted in 20% cost savings, and eliminated $70 million dollars in duplicate projects, while ensuring improved water service for all customers.

With his background in computer systems and software development, Sweeney clearly understands the cyberterrorism threat that faces America. “We need a congressman who understands encryption and cyber threats. Every week there is a cyberterrorism incident in the news that affects infrastructure, business and individual privacy. Cyberterrorism is a daily threat to America that originates from within our own borders and from foreign threats around the world.”

“My motto is ‘Be Heard, Get Results’. Constituents of the Texas 31st Congressional District are disappointed with their incumbent. They have had enough with career politicians who have are more loyal to Washington and special interests than to the people whom they pledged to serve. They want a congressional representative who will get things done for them. I will be that congressman,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney is a graduate of Boise State University earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He resides in Georgetown, TX with his wife, Kathy.

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