Basketball That Breaks All the Rules Revealed

SAN DIEGO, CA – 25 Mar, 2017 – announced today that it is done playing by the rules.  Pro Basketball belongs to the fans, why not give them the game they want?  

Start by eliminating anything that slows the game down.  No more free throws.  No more game stoppages.  

Next, let the fans draft the players they want for their teams. Basketball should reflect the times and there is no better way to do that than to give fans the power to alter the rules – and even the rosters.

But the changes aren’t stopping there.  The Blitz Basketball League is not going after the NBA’s market, it is creating a whole new one.

A new kind of player for a new kind of basketball.  Two words: shorter, faster.  

Let the NBA have their giants, this league wants the best of the rest. Taller than 6 foot?  No need to apply.  Ready right out of high school?  No problem, you can try out and enter yourself into the draft.  And if you make it, you could always use your salary to pay for your college education.  

One of the few at this height who started for your team in college?  You are ready-made for stardom in this league.  You’ll just have to learn to play by a new set of rules.

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Company Name: Blitz Basketball League
Contact Person: Richard Jones
Country: United States